435. Calendar

Can you believe 2014 is almost over?  [Another random Ezzie shot - I don't know why the dino is riding the zucchini.]

Can you believe 2014 is almost over? [Another random sweet Ezzie shot – I don’t know why the dino is riding the zucchini.]

RecoveryLand is so weird – lately I’ve found myself increasingly relying on the instinctive movement patterns of my youth. What matters in the gym is my mobility/strength, and whether I have a teachable spirit, not the letters that come after my name. I will say, though, that my degrees still come in handy, so stay in school, kids! The thing is that Trainer D and Coach R have plenty of letters/certifications between them, (FYI, “MMACS” = Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist – I knew you were all wondering about that), so if I want to win an argument I revert to: I have a hole in my head…How do you like them apples?

147.  Ed's Career Advice: 3 Tips for Professional Success

288. A Teachable Spirit


J/K. I don’t really argue with them. At least not with Coach R.   I do, however, employ some of the techniques I learned on the job to manage people without them feeling “managed.” Example: I use pretty Post-It notes to get people to do things I need them to do. The Post-It Note trick never failed in my professional life.

It does not work on Trainer D or Coach R. Boooo.

One day I got an email from Coach R referencing an old sticky note (a green heart <3) that was supposed to remind him of something, but he couldn’t remember what, and he couldn’t read it since the note was lost. I wrote him back saying he got major bonus points just for remembering such a Post-It had ever existed.   I had already forgotten. Between you and me, though, I simply delight in giving him pretty, girly-shaped Post-Its. Last time I needed to tell him something I wrote it on a smiling star I found in the dollar bin at Target.

The first time I tried the Post-It note Trick on Trainer D was when I rigged up an Excel calendar template with color-coded squares for the quarter. Not trusting him to digest the digital version independently, I printed a copy and stuck another smiling star on top. Did he read either? No. Gen laughed so hard when I told her how I had PDF’d it bc I don’t like people messing with my files, but it didn’t matter bc he ignored both anyway. It turns out Trainer D just likes the fun shapes. Last time an adorable juicy-looking orange segment made his day. Glad I can be of some service.

Now I print a bigger monthly calendar. I didn’t have to say anything to Coach R about it last time– he read it and answered my question immediately. SCORE!

Then at the regular Gym I just held up the paper and Trainer D happily sat down at his computer to sync up. DOUBLE SCORE! (This is better than Pavlov’s dog. It only took a year of angst on my part.)

I have used the “big calendar” technique for myself, too. My cube at Intel was lined with the quarter’s calendar and the deliverables due on certain days. I started planning my blog at Boo Boo’s similarly (on my phone) while I sat on the recumbent bike at her gym and she was in class.

I usually plan a month at a time, but plans change with my feelings. I’m still working on writing some posts I planned while still at Ai Ai’s in April and May. I had planned lots of recipes and had photographed them, but the eating thing, while, improved significantly since I can eat meat now, has been up and down and I find it easier not to post recipes.

I’ve hit another speed bump and have had trouble with the eating for about a week. Shhhh – don’t tell CMD (I’m not taking my herbs bc my swallowing isn’t great). I stopped taking my Brain Juice (EPA/DHA), too. So THERE, Trainer D!

It’s just stress – can you believe it’s November? We’re facing end of 2014. I’m close to declaring this year, and the tail end of 2013, a wash out. Going to Oregon was a much bigger deal than I admitted to myself, although it was apparent to everyone that I was unraveling when that happened. Honestly, I’ve blocked most of it out, but it’s coming back now. I’m remembering (unintentionally) things, not just from our trip, but from my early illness and recovery. I’ve also become increasingly uneasy due to some rattling Recovery/medical episodes, and although I thought I had gotten the better of it, combined with the Remembering stress, it has impacted my eating and triggered my pain.

Coach R saw the situation deteriorate throughout the week and was even more vigilant than usual but didn’t let it stop him from making me LOL when he demonstrated a new exercise I’m supposed to eventually do on one leg.  When he put one foot in the air while keeping the weights moving I cracked up so hard I had to lean on a nearby wall so I didn’t start rolling around on the floor.  Coach R himself is not funny (remember, he does not joke about agility or obliques) it’s just that this whole scenario is so ludicrous.  C’mon.  I’m a transplant from Corporate America.  I make PPT slides for fun.  And you want me to do WHAT?!?!

399.  Resonance

399. Resonance


The next day Trainer D tried to get me to talk about what’s bothering me. I countered with, Will you please just FIX THIS?!?!?! [Pointing to where it hurt.]

So I figured out my calendar through the EOY. Basically, I’ll be taking a couple weeks off for Thanksgiving in November, and a couple weeks off for Christmas next month. I’m hoping to give my arms a rest (the forearms are aggravated by too much usage), and to work (not sure how that’s going to jive with the forearm thing) on Learning How…Volume 2 – I’ve had an outline since Oregon, but not the heart to write it. But trust me on this one – once I do, it’s gonna be good.

Did you know we have 6 Saturdays left before Christmas? Many people don’t know I write. But while I’m the primary beneficiary (this is a very healing process), feedback indicates that it’s enjoyable for other people, too, and more than that – there is value being communicated in the content I produce and in the way I write it.

My 3 books are available on Amazon (eligible for Prime and Super Saver Shipping) and are linked in the pic at the bottom of this post. Everything I sell is completely non-profit.

If you like my blog, please consider buying a book (or several :)). This is a non-profit venture, and it has been an extremely intentional effort on my part to provide a lot of value for your dollar. Stay tuned – I’ll go into specifics this week.

Ann Ning Learning How |Nonprofit books on Amazon!



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