It’s Bath Time!


I had two whole days off this week, which never happens – so I took the opportunity to give my sneakers bath time!  I usually have to do it in batches so I have a dry pair to wear all the time, but this time I did it all at once and am wearing my little non machine-washable retro Sauconys that match baby O (F and N’s son).

There are representatives from 3 rounds of shoe-buying drying here.  I decided last year after I met Trainer D and Coach R that I should invest in sneakers since I was moving more and my gait wears them out rapidly.  My needs have also changed as M37 broke me of my air cast addiction and the Southern Gym was not a huge fan of my ankle weights.  Or it could just be that I’ve always liked pretty things.  Gen called me the “shoe queen” recently.

Now I like athletic shoes that are soft and have thicker treads/soles than my Supple Leopard World Cup Shoes.  My latest round (the 2 blue pair and the black ones on the far end) are showing signs of significant wear on the left toe, but not like my leopard shoes.  I’m still hoping to keep rotating them through EOY 2014.

A girl can dream.

Happy Friday!

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2 thoughts on “It’s Bath Time!

    • I do! I usually wipe the soles with a disinfecting wipe, and toss them in. There are usually washing directions on the tag. Many people recommend removing the laces first. I googled it :). bye

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