433. Welcome Home


One of the most astounding parts of living in RecoveryLand is that I’ve made new friends here. Some of them are healthy, some of them are/have been ill, and all of them make RecoveryLand a more interesting and fun place. One of them is coming home this week.

Actually, I’ve only ever “met” his wife, D (online). I was just getting over my Oregon Trip and one morning I woke up at Boo Boo’s and saw a message on my phone from AVMSurvivors.org – it was an SOS message from D, detailing how they were just moving out of the Neuro ICU into another unit (I think) and how it was scary bc all the nurses were new, and she wasn’t sure how her husband, S, the one who had the huge AVM, would handle it. I shot out of bed and typed a reply bc I know what that feels like.

Spoiler Alert: he’s handled it, and every subsequent transition, quite well, thank you, with D at his side. I almost fainted the morning I read that S walked (with a walker). They’ve been at this for more than 6 months. Life has been turned upside down and they’re getting ready to find a New Normal as he begins his outpatient career. Right now they’re at their last stop before the Big Move Home: a Rehab hospital people said he’d never make it to.

Mm hmm. Well, he made it. And you know what? He’s going home. S and D are the latest in a string of dynamic duos I’ve been privileged to meet in RecoveryLand – people who really meant the “in sickness and in health” vow, and have executed (and continue to execute) it with humor and grace.

If you are one of these people, thank you for your example.

And to S and D: Welcome home.

PS.   The line, “Now you can do whatever you want!” in Ed’s sign above is a reference to my post a few weeks ago.  When I was preparing to be discharged from RIO (3rd Hospital) I told Mommy gleefully, Hey, Mommy, now we can do WHATEVER we want!!! Mommy was like, No, that’s actually not what that means.

When I reminded her of that incident she cracked me up by telling me my voice was so full of HOPE.  🙂  I love you, Mom.  Thanks for putting up with my shenanigans.


419.  Nothing Happened

419. Nothing Happened

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