430. Hey, Daddy – High Five!


A long time ago Ernie brought Karine and Ezra to visit us while Ruthie was away (this was before Peter was born). This was the time we ate ice cream and went to Whole Foods where I rode the escalator. Since then I’ve practiced a lot with Mommy, J, and Boo Boo. A couple weeks ago I had lunch with a two friends and their daughters. The little girl in the pic below wanted to ride the escalator while her mom and aunt were busy wrangling the baby, so I volunteered to go with her. We went up and down without incident except midway through I heard a whistling noise from above – Mommy had arrived just in time to see me joy riding alone. Technically, I was not alone – I was being supervised by a three year old. But she was too short for Mommy to see. Mmm hmm. My friends are so funny. They had refused to leave me unattended, but the moment I break loose Mommy shows up. :).

49.  Did she really just say that?

49. Did she really just say that?

Anyway, Ezra was eating noodles or something for dinner and after he took one bite he was so pleased that it tasted so good he leaned over, kneeling on his chair, extended his right hand in the air and said in the classic Ezzie-voice, Hey, Daddy – High five!!

This summer, Josh took one bite of his popiah and immediately left his chair to do a victory lap around the kitchen.


Way to go, Mommy –Baker Smurf doesn’t just bake.

The picture up top is one of my favorites of Hannah and Tanpo. We went to eat dim sum and my baby big girl Hannah enjoys culinary adventures. She loves eating fun things with Tanpo. One time before I got sick they sat side by side at a favorite restaurant, giving each other congratulatory high-fives on eating an appalling amount of lobster – stir fried “Thai style.”

While we were on vacation together this summer we went to a huge Asian buffet and I just heard her sweet voice ringing out from behind the pile of everyone’s dishes and plates, I love you, Grampo!!

See? I told you Tans train their young to eat the Tan Family way.

389.  We are Tans

389. We are Tans


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3 thoughts on “430. Hey, Daddy – High Five!

  1. I remember the first time I was staying in your home and your mom taught me to eat with chopsticks and then on Friday my graduation test was an Asian restaurant and all the menu items were in Chinese which your mom translated for me and then we had I can’t remember what for lunch and had a wonderful time. I had passed and was allowed to come back to the Tan’s! I had passed the test.

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