413. A Walk in the Park


I celebrated 3 years of walking on Sunday, September 21. 3 Years! I know, I told an AT at the Running Gym as we chatted while I was on a recumbent bike, You’re like ‘3 years and it still looks like THAT?!’

Ok, maybe I’m the one who really thinks like that – but to people who saw me early on when I was a brand new walker, or still in a wheelchair, I’m vastly improved.

After going to Oregon I decided to mark this anniversary by going to see Dr. A6 Frankenstein (the one who taught me to walk). He is no longer working at The Place, but at a private practice and we eventually settled on meeting at a favorite park near our houses. He was on his way to go pick up the kids so we got to enjoy the weather for an hour. If he shows up too early the kids are not amused – it’s like, Dad – we’re not done playing.

9.  Can I hold your hand?  (What's your name?)

9. Can I hold your hand? (What’s your name?)

He saw Mommy and me from a distance and when I tried to go give him a hug I realized I was going to have to do all the work since he was busy standing there, scrutinizing my gait. Guys – let me just state this up front: unless this kind of looking is part of your profession you cannot get away with it.  It was hysterical – I wasn’t anxious about seeing him after all this time (since Dec ’11) since we’ve corresponded and he’s read some of my writing and my writing voice is very similar to my speaking voice, so I felt like it was quite natural.

He’s the same, but apparently I’m quite different. C’mon, let’s take a walk, I said after a while. By this point Mommy had gone home and J (Team Tanimal’s Recreational Director) had joined us. She now has the distinction of meeting A2 (my main PT in Oregon), A6 at the park, and this week she’s taking me to see Coach R (I’m thrilled bc this means we get to play after I work out).

We walked around a nearby play structure and I asked him, So what’s different?


His reply was immediate and absolute. Another difference was that I talked to him freely. When I was at The Place talking + walking was a multitasking scenario I wasn’t deemed ready for yet. So I told him how I used to take Hannah and Joshie to this park and made them wait, hoping the ice cream truck would be arriving soon. It would be so hot and they’d be hiding under a bridge or a slide for some shade and I’d be like, Don’t worry, kids, the truck is gonna come soon – I can feel it in my bones!

The best part, though, was when we were just sitting at a picnic table with J.

A6: You’re more verbal.

Me: I know, right?!?!

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