412. Doughnuts

On the next episode of Hoarding:  Buried Alive…


We were at GWH recently and P2 commandeered the donut holes Ruthie had gotten for the kids.  He wasn’t eating them all – he just insisted on holding them.

The first time I walked on a treadmill without a harness was early on at The Place when I had just become an outpatient.  My compassionate PT, P (this was before I had been paired with A6), stood next to me and said encouragingly, Look at all the calories you’re burning!  The total was 14.  PS.  I thought I was gonna die.  She then reconsidered upon studying my early post-inpatient frame and commented, We need to feed you a doughnut or something!  Yeah, the time for doughnuts has passed.

About a month ago Coach R noticed my left hand jumping around wildly when I tried to give myself some flat-handed support with it.  He does this thing where he drags two treatment tables together and pretends they’re parallel bars.  This is so I feel “safe” so there’s no reason for me not to do what he says apart from sheer obstinacy.  So when I tried to rest my left hand on the table it was hopping around which didn’t help my form.  So Coach R resurrected the idea of Theraputty and cut me a nice new chunk to take home.


I haven’t played with Theraputty in eons but now I’m obsessed with it since I really want to work on my left hand – hence all the carrying books, coloring with my left hand, etc.  I carry it in my purse and squeeze it whenever I’m in the car.  One exercise is to make a small doughnut and then stretch it out like this:


I asked Coach R, When’s the last time you had a doughnut?  Sadly, he had no recollection.  I had a bagel yesterday, he offered hopefully.

A bagel, while similar in that it has a hole in the middle, is not a doughnut.

Coach R gets an A for effort.


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