411. Watchful


Hello! I realized over the last couple weeks that my physical symptoms get really aggravated when I get stressed out. I know, you’re like, duh. So maybe I’m not the sharpest crayon in the box at times, but hey – I have other merits. 🙂

I got super stressed a couple of weekends ago and on that Monday I saw both Trainer D and Coach R. I see them more than I see anyone else right now, and there’s a lot of quiet time built in to our Training sessions. Plus I transitioned to operating on a full-disclosure model with them in July so it’s natural that I tell them things, especially since my concern was about my long-term Recovery prospects.

394.  Spectacle

394. Spectacle

The response I got from both of them was immediate and staunch support. What a great way to start the week – thanks, guys! However, I’m glad to report that the issue is now resolved and I’m breathing easier. By the end of last week, though, before I had received word on anything, I had already decided that I oughtn’t to worry about this and was significantly more relaxed but the physical damage had already been done and I’m still on the mend from it.

The pain in my left shoulder was excruciating, and my legs and hips (esp. on the left) were uncooperative and (to quote M) “grumpy.” CMD alerted me to a lump on my left knee. It wasn’t painful or anything, and Trainer D and Coach R both examined it and said they weren’t concerned mechanically, but it was in a weird place. When I showed Gen (my unofficial Ortho) she said she wasn’t concerned, either, but we’ll watch it and if it changes we might brace it during certain activities. But since it doesn’t hurt I already stopped caring about it a while ago.

More currently, though, my (leg) muscles have been super tight lately. Coach R says I’m usually tighter on Mondays but yesterday (Thursday) my right side was tighter than it had been a few days before (!!). Trainer D recently asked me “When’s the last time Gen worked on your hip?” after he repeatedly queried, “Where do you feel this stretch?” And I kept on answering “the front of my left hip.” (That was the “wrong” answer.) Gen did indeed work on the hip this week and I’m better for it, although I protested loudly for a while. Yesterday, though, I said to Coach R, Do you see anything funny on my ankle? No, he didn’t see anything, but when I told him it hurt occasionally (started on Monday in the AlterG and then I forgot about it until Wednesday) he put a finger right on the spot. Does it hurt here? Me: Ummm, owwwww [you can stop touching it now.]

It was a CMD moment, except without the needles, fire, or electricity. He’s not concerned and neither am I – I mean, I totally forgot to tell him about it on Monday bc I can’t feel anything most of the time. He says it’s a very minor (Grade 1) sprain of something I can’t remember the name of. I told CMD today and she covered it with herbs and did some extra poking and stuff. I’m going to try not to aggravate it.

So that’s what last week was like. This is what RecoveryLand looks like. I had Tuesday “off” (no appointments) and I was so excited bc I haven’t had a free day in a long time and planned to go to Costco with Mommy. I know it sounds mundane, but it’s the routine stuff of life that makes me happy since so much of what was familiar to me will not be coming back. We made it to Costco and I put on my game face, intending to fly solo and collect the items on my list, but I jumped ship after 10 min, texted Mommy, and asked if we could go home since my eyes and dizziness were really bothering me. We came home and I slept for a long time.

But I ended the week strong with Coach R and Trainer D and treatment sessions with Gen and CMD. We went outside for the first time today at The Gym. Trainer D refused to let me wear my gait belt or hold his hand. He also indicated that holding on to the railing was off limits by asking, “When was the last time you had a tetanus shot?” Mmm hmm. Seriously, though, there were some exceptions and I was allowed some support at times, while he went through a PT-style training session.

[*Everyone* Saw That] One of my first walks - 5.19.11 at Vibra (2nd Hospital)

[*Everyone* Saw That] One of my first walks – 5.19.11 at Vibra (2nd Hospital)

It was great in that it’s a hybrid of Personal Training and Physical Therapy he seems to know instinctively and from his own experience. I know he’s just making this stuff up, and he’s like, That’s part of the job. After we had that “spirited discussion” about his growing “concern” regarding the timing of my pain reporting relative to our workouts he chose to ignore my bluster and program some less strenuous time into Training since he thought I was showing signs of too much wear/fatigue. I’m glad he’s watching since I’m still having trouble mentally processing when he tells me to switch sides (right vs. left). Like I told Mommy once, I’m glad somebody’s watching, bc it sure ain’t me!

91.  "I'm Spotting You"

91. “I’m Spotting You”

CMD asked me how JJ is doing today (I love that they know each other now!) so we spoke briefly about the work in Burundi. I reminded her how I had been there right before my bleed and how I had stayed home from work the day before. God was watching you, was her comment. I couldn’t agree more.

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