I wasn’t talking to you….


I love how Ed R. Blueberry has been welcomed into our family without question.  To the kids, especially, he is simply part of the landscape of our lives.  One day when Ezra was maybe a young 3 I went upstairs to nap at his house and he came running after me holding Ed.  “Aunty Ning Ning – you forgot Ed!”  He said it in his little Ezzie voice.  Wasn’t that sweet?

The above pic is from Summer 2013, so it’s kind of old.  This is what happened:

Josh:  You wanna watch me play a game?

Boo Boo:  Sorry, honey, I’ve got to wash the dishes.

Josh:  I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to Ed.


Even Tanpo has gotten used to Ed.  I must admit, I have taken somewhat of a naughty delight in making Ed invade Daddy’s personal space, making Ed sit on Dad’s chair, books, desk, etc. – anywhere that requires Dad to take notice of Ed and move him.  Daddy has referred to poor Eddie in the past as “Your animal” and simply, “this.”



2 thoughts on “I wasn’t talking to you….

  1. Oh, that is so funny – “I was talking to Ed.” Duh. 🙂

    I can picture your Dad finding “your animal” in all those random spots, and it makes me laugh.

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