403. Worlds Collide

I gave Ezzie this 'Skins outfit.  Now P2 wears it.

I gave Ezzie this ‘Skins outfit. Now P2 wears it.

153.  Happy (Early) Anzac Day! |Ezra was Peter's age when I came home.

153. Happy (Early) Anzac Day! |Ezra was Peter’s age when I came home.

Wow. I am exceedingly sore.  I have been plenty sore since I started going to Therapy and since I met my Trainers, but this takes the cake. I was right that Friday would be tougher with Trainer D but my stalling strategies did not work. Coach R was in fine form on Thursday and Trainer D followed it up with “Leg Day” on Friday.

A staffer at The Gym asked me how my workout was and I said, You know, the longer I work with D the bossier he gets. She did not try to defend him in any way. It seems that Bossy Smurf has rubbed off on him. If he’s gotten bossier I’ve gotten sassier, but I’ve always had it in me – it’s just been magnified by the brain injury. He tells me to do stuff and I just say, No. (I do it anyway, I just like to lodge formal complaints prior.) I don’t bother doing this with Coach R – I just giggle for a while.

382.  Laughing at the  Wrong Time

382. Laughing at the Wrong Time

Actually, no – this does not take the cake. I was sorer the first time I got a massage from Gen. Her medical background made her immediately see that many body parts aren’t in the right place or aren’t functioning in the way they’re supposed to. So she went to town starting with my shoulders and when she moved to the legs that’s when I tried to crawl away but she has superhuman strength and was gripping my calf.

Coach R was not amused that I was so sore when I showed up at the Running Gym later that day. I told him it was an experiment. I scheduled a “run” right after on purpose to see what happened. On that first day I knew immediately that I felt fantastic. I avoided CMD that week bc I didn’t want her to see the bruises. The next time I saw Gen I asked her to go easier on me bc I’m not a big athlete like she’s used to and she eased up. It’s still painful sometimes, but it’s great – I know good things are happening.

I told Trainer D about Gen one day: She grows in fantastic-ness every week!! I told him to go see her and was so proud when he actually made the appointment. I told Gen to take good care of him and the front desk people to be mean to him. I also told Gen, You’ll know it’s him bc of the overt air of insanity. 🙂

I was right. Gen immediately gave me the download at my next appointment. I recognized him from your description, she said. I was like, ummm…I can’t remember ever saying what he looks like bc I’m not really sure – I have guessed wrongly in the past on the question of facial hair (does he have any or not?). But she clarified that she recognized him bc of his “demeanor” and I immediately burst into laughter – I called it!

Apparently Trainer D has a lot more scar tissue than he thought. He said he’s like a walking scab. The problem is that proficient people have trouble entrusting themselves to others. He prefers to work on his own muscles and does that foam-rolling thing. But now he has Gen! He agrees – she is super strong and he admitted he knows what I meant when I told him I tried to crawl away.

To be clear, Trainer D is a lot of things, but he is not a sissy. I told him she was strong. She is also absolutely hilarious, which I enjoy, and Trainer D does, too. So the benefits of our sessions with Gen are multiple.

Trainer D has already scheduled his next appointment. Gen told me, He really needs to take some time for himself. So this is a good thing – she’s a great resource and I am thrilled to have connected them.

My other major success story in this area is that I got JJ to see CMD during their visit at the end of July. I had asked CMD several months ago if acupuncture could help his fibromyalgia and prayed regarding if it would be good for him to go. I wasn’t sure bc he’d only be able to go once, I thought, and I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it if he couldn’t continue it in the future.

JCJ opined that it would be great to try acupuncture so Mommy took JJ to CMD’s office and she worked her magic. She did all the verbal questions and then tapped his spine gently, Does it hurt here?

It was so apparent, even during one session, that she really is a Ninja, that I had no trouble getting JJ to take my Friday appointment, too. So he ended up going twice! He was concerned about taking my slot but what I did not explain to him was that I do this thing (naughtily) where I avoid CMD when I’m feeling really poorly. I was just starting to really go downhill at that point. I know, I know – I’m shooting myself in the foot. I know this bc when I saw her the week after, and the week after that I walked out into the waiting room and told her assistant (loudly, so everyone could hear), I feel SO much better. It’s truly remarkable.

319.  Who's Going to Help Me?

319. Who’s Going to Help Me?

I am thrilled to have amassed this group of fabulous professionals to help me. I no longer feel the old panic that bubbled up inside me when I left The Place. We have made enormous progress in the area of Who’s going to help me? I love finding great people bc I can send my friends to them so they can get help, too.

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    • I have no earthly idea! But I will say that this is a highly symbiotic relationship that has prospered bc we both have high tolerance levels for shenanigans 😁

  1. I’m still trying to audioize (it’s like visualize, only with sound) you saying something loudly. Nothing in our relationship pre- or post-AVM allows me to do it. But I love thinking about it.

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