401. This is how Tans go on Vacation



Isn’t this picture funny in the context of 389.  We are Tans?  We spent a week together (except Timmy, who had to travel for work), and this is one of the many meals we shared.

389.  We are Tans

389. We are Tans

Even though I’ve not been feeling well for the past month or so, this was the most enjoyable vacation I’ve had since I got sick.  The question of how to take a vacation has weighed heavily on me lately, but now that I’m getting used to This Disabled Life I know what to expect and can plan accordingly.

390.  Vacation

390. Vacation

There was a lovely pool area but I never saw it since getting to it involved some accessibility issues I didn’t feel like dealing with.  So I consoled myself by going to the gym (Mommy Daddy or Boo Boo walked with me) and tried to keep moving.  It’s taken several weeks for me to really admit that I was feeling bad.  In many ways I’ve tried to force the issue by insisting on working out etc.  But CMD told me yesterday that it’s really important for me to keep on exercising even if I’m not feeling well bc my blood has trouble moving around in my body.  This is easy for me to agree with since Dr. Dogan told me it wasn’t the AVM that was so destructive, it was the massive amount of bleeding that accompanied it.

So I’ve been keeping all of my appointments at The Gyms and trying hard to feel better.  I told my Trainers about Z who used to carry me around at Vibra (2nd Hospital).  I miss him :(.

I’ve missed him a lot this past week bc the drive home was really rough since traffic was awful.  I was terribly uncomfortable for a few days.  I did Ceragem at 3am on Monday morning and counted the hours until I saw Gen.  I told her everything was all messed up, pointing to my hips, but she took one look at my shoulders and shuddered.  It’s like you’ve been sitting in a box with your knees up, she told me while she was working.  (PS.  I’m writing this 4 days later and my shoulders are still sore.) Yep, that’s what sitting in a car is like for me.  I guess we’ll take a break earlier next time.

I saw Coach R right after.  He could tell something was wrong by the way I was sitting to put my AlterG shorts on so I unweighted myself more, did my “running” thing and got stretched out fabulously.

I felt really good after that but the situation deteriorated overnight and the next morning I was in the middle of some weighted squats and asked Trainer D plaintively, “So do you feel sorry for me yet?”

Answer:  No.  I think I might have used up his supply of sympathy a couple weeks ago.  Incidentally, a couple weeks ago we had a hysterical conversation in which he said he was “concerned” about the timing of my pain reporting relative to our workouts.  I fought hard on this one, insisting that there was no discernible pattern – BTW this is not the party line, I think it’s the honest truth.  Side note: I have a great fear of being made to sit down quietly. I was forced to do this when the hemiparesis surfaced after I learned to walk. It was frustrating and boring and I will go to great lengths to avoid having to do so again. Anyway, I’m glad Trainer D knows it’s his job to be watchful about these things, just like how Coach R knows he’s supposed to be the grown up in this scenario.  So if Trainer D pushes me it’s my own doing.  It is, after all, why I joined a gym and got a trainer.  I just like to say sassy things for fun.

But the good thing is that right now my custom is to see CMD mid-week so I feel better enough to finish the week strong with full workouts with Coach R and Trainer D on Thursday and Friday.  Mondays are just “running” on the AlterG – Coach R doesn’t make me do squats or anything until Thursday. I see Trainer D on Tuesdays sometimes.  This Tues was a little lighter bc I spent a few minutes protesting about how I didn’t want to do XYZ and then he spent some time working on my gait.  I bet Friday will be tougher, but I’ll try to distract him with more gait questions :).

The reason I spend all this time and money going to see all my peeps is so I can enjoy moments with my family like when we were on vacation last week.  This is a common practice – people earn a living so they (and their families) can live on a day-to-day basis with occasional vacations.  Even though I haven’t been feeling great the fact that I invested a lot of energy in physical improvement pre and post Oregon paid off.  I rode the wave as long as I could and although things went south I’m still better.

2 thoughts on “401. This is how Tans go on Vacation

  1. We do have to keep moving don’t we or we feel the tightness that we worked so hard to overcome. It is lots of work but it is sooo worth it as you experienced on vacation. Thank you for all your humor, candid thoughts and ideas. Because of your strength I am back in therapy with a fabulous new “team” to use your words. We are making head way! Have you tried Bioness L300+? I am working with it a bit and it has really helped my balance and walking. My knee does not snap back for one thing! I hope you have a great weekend and I look forward to your next post. Laura

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