398. Water Damage

The boys at Ezra's Fire House field trip

The boys at Ezra’s Fire Station field trip

I’m getting spoiled. I’ve often been blessed with so much more than I ask or even imagine during this Recovery. Of course there are setbacks, but that’s how this gig works and remembering the many blessings the Lord has strewn along this bumpy path strengthens me to face every day – especially the hard ones.

Prior the Summer of 2013 I asked God for an AlterG to use while I visited Ai Ai & Tim. It is not overly common to find one available for public rental – it’s often for patient-use only.   The first place (a running store) I found on the AlterG website emailed me to say they no longer had the machine. So I called the second place on the list – the Southern Gym. SCORE. It is 5 minutes from Ai Ai’s house. Plus it’s an actual Physical Therapy practice with a very experienced PT at the helm. This was great bc he kept me from getting too excited.

I went in expecting it to be a clean transaction – I barely looked at the machine and I was like, Do you take AmEx? My Southern PT was like, Ummm…maybe you should try it out first. 🙂.   And the next time I came in I got a full evaluation, a chart and everything.

I had a game plan for building my mobility credibility and pursued it doggedly but three weeks in my Southern PT informed me that there would be no running for me that summer. This is understandable given that he had never seen me before and I was beginning to regress bc I was away from acupuncture. But when I showed up this year in April I informed him that I now have a Personal Trainer and an Athletic Trainer who help me run so he was very pleased to let me have at it. I thought he wasn’t monitoring me as closely but I was wrong – I still had a chart and he kept on writing his little notes in it.

So it was huge for me to secure AlterG usage in a super convenient location and in an experienced PT environment, but the story gets better. When I enlisted Boo Boo’s help to prepare for my visit she informed me that the Southern Gym had sustained major water damage due to a burst pipe. All the tenants had to move out of the building. The Optical Practice next door was being completely gutted. I was heartbroken – not just for me, but for the impact this would have on business. So I prayed that they would be able to move back in soon, and that the AlterG survived the flood.

The trailers were lined up outside to hold the tenants' things.

The trailers were lined up outside to hold the tenants’ things.

My first day back at the Southern Gym was also their first day after 4+ months at another location. Happily, the only thing broken on the AlterG was the TV screen and they had gotten a new one lickety split. As my Southern PT carried boxes around Boo Boo whispered, Maybe you should just try running and he won’t notice. 🙂 Bahahahahaha! She was just kidding, don’t worry, Mommy. I gained permission for a sanctioned run. It was all good.

When they moved back in they posted a sign saying "We Are Open"

When they moved back in they posted a sign saying “We Are Open”

I was so pleased to be able to continue ORFR without a break. I sent postcards to my Trainers and M37 with my stats. When I came home I was looking for a massage therapist to fill out Team Tanimal. I had found massage to be really helpful while I was away (per CMD’s suggestion) and I was feeling so good I hoped to be able to reduce my visits to her to once a week.

I have mentioned that I have a new massage therapist before but I haven’t introduced you yet. I found her because I stopped by the massage place in person one day – we were running errands nearby – and said, this is less about relaxation, more about medical necessity. They immediately signed me up to see “Gen.” When she greeted me in the waiting room a couple weeks later I ascertained that she was not unfamiliar with mobility deficits.

My impression was correct. When I gave her a brief health history she said, You’re in good hands. I’m an orthopedic surgeon and a [former] physical therapist.

I raised my fist in victory. Yessss! I love it when this happens.

Told you I was getting spoiled.

She does massage as part of her pro bono work and she keeps on meeting people who need help (like me!! I am very needy). She immediately did the eyes-only diagnosis thing like Coach R does and she approaches muscular intervention like Trainer D. Except Trainer D scolds me if I laugh – D: Don’t laugh, it changes everything! Me: Well then stop saying funny stuff. Gen is okay with laughing, or at least she understands that it’s impossible for me not to laugh at most of the things she says. Working with her is like Trainer D in “strength & honor” mode except he might work for 10-15 minutes, tops. She goes for an hour.

Strength and Honor |Proverbs 31 | Ann Ning Learning How

When they’re not tending to me, Team Tanimal works on professional athletes. After that first day (when I tried to crawl away from Gen but she had a grip on my leg – boooooo) I asked her to go easier on me bc she’s used to big athletes, but I’m just me. Since then it’s been fabulous and I’m booked until November.

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