389. We are Tans…

We are Tans.  We train our young to eat the Tan Family way.


1.  We take teatime very seriously.


2.  We do not joke about ice cream, either.

3.  We love free samples.


4.  If you need help…


…just ask.


5.  It’s good to try new things

14621735554_52ba24d6cf_z 14437296287_70d858d38f_z-214623193832_1ec31ab99e_o

but try not to make a mess.


6.  It’s friendlier with two.



7.  Maintain good form

345.  Lunchtime Life Tutorial

345. Lunchtime Life Tutorial

Have a great weekend!

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3 thoughts on “389. We are Tans…

  1. love the pics and miss you! For some reason, my texts to you aren’t going through. Will hopefully see you soon though! hugs 🙂

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