372. Wink Wink


I’m home in Maryland!  When Magic B took us to the airport on April 1 to go to Oregon I was very close to asking him to turn the car around and take us back home.  But I stuck it out, did my duty, enjoyed parts of it, and my reward was spending two months with Boo Boo’s family!  They dropped me off at Mom and Dad’s last week and we had a blast.  E&R&Co. joined us for a couple days so it was Tanpo’s dream come true – all of us under one roof again.  No matter how long my siblings have had their own households Tanpo does not get used to the idea that they are adults who do not live at home anymore.

I took the picture above when we went to a favorite Vietnamese restaurant to get pho and banh mi.  Poor Ai Ai has been dreaming of banh mi for months but was banned from going to get some bc the restaurant in question is in the ‘hood.  Timmy said she couldn’t go there, and then got backup from Officer B at church that Sunday.  He immediately knew the store we were talking about (not a good sign), and confirmed that Boo Boo shouldn’t go there, even during the day.

So we waited until we were in Maryland to go get the Vietnamese goodies (which we washed down with that fabulous iced coffee with condensed milk).  I have been doing great on my return to eating (I kind of stopped prior to Oregon and have been transitioning back while at Ai Ai’s) but I hit a rough spot over the last couple days and was holding my noodles in my chopsticks as if I were mid-eating, hoping to trick Tanpo, who was seated next to me, into thinking I was consuming everything in a manner that he’d find acceptable.

He does this thing where you think he’s not paying attention but he’s just waiting for the right moment to pounce.  His covert skills are honed, and I have learned to assume he is actively collecting data even if it looks like he’s otherwise occupied.  I’ve seen him do it at home and in medical contexts – you think he’s not paying attention and then he whips a notebook or legal pad out of nowhere and starts asking detailed questions.  If I’m working with someone I like I make sure to build a verbal hedge for him/her with Tanpo, e.g.  XYZ is really good…XYZ (insert qualifications)….XYZ (insert commentary regarding results observed) etc.  

A few months ago Mommy and I were getting ready to go to K’s bridal shower at the Chapel and I was packing my lunch (there would be lots of food but I was doing my Vegan Experiment right then, plus I was kind of stressed).  I made sure Daddy was concentrating on his oatmeal and I happily collected my munchies.

338.  Hold on Tight

338. Hold on Tight

As we were leaving, Tanpo was at the stove frying an egg for himself.  Have a good time, Sweet –  he began, but he couldn’t get the whole word, “Sweetie” out.  Suddenly he couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Have a good time, Sweet – … EAT SOMETHING!!  I see you squirreling food away in that bag, he said accusingly.

Heh heh.  Welcome to Daddy’s world.

But it wasn’t Dad I should have been worried about at lunch.  Mommy was on my other side and she saw that the amount of pho in my bowl looked like it was expanding.  She indicated that she knew what was going on, and I roused myself into swallowing a few mouthfuls noisily for her benefit.

Ai Ai and I decided to go to Wegmans after lunch (the supermarket where I left Leo by accident) and I got her to let me buy some candy from the bulk section for my children.  Hannah and Josh were pleased to learn that the candy aisle at Wegmans is extensive.  Josh was seated at the other end of the table but apparently he has bionic hearing.

Leo gets rescued at Wegmans

Leo gets rescued at Wegmans

He leaned to the side so we could see each other around the sauce bottles and gave me the cheekiest wink ever.

Bahahahahah!!  He has been winking at me for the last couple of months, usually when we are allied in some kind of semi-naughty activity.  It usually involves candy or ice cream.

This is one of the blessings of Recovery – I can still enjoy my children, and have more opportunities to hang out with them and see them at school, etc. now than when I lived in Oregon and a lot more than if I lived in Africa.  This isn’t what I thought my life would look like.  It’s been a tough year so far – but when I think of things like that wink I realize that the work of Recovery is made lighter by lots of fun moments.








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