365. Ed’s 83rd Birthday


We celebrated Ed’s 83rd Birthday in conjunction with Easter 2014 and the visit of E&R&co.  This is what Peter did during lunch.  He also stopped to talk to Grampo:


He also found time to terrorize Skittles all week


And enjoyed his food like a true Tan.


When we arrived on April 7 from PDX I was sad but glad to see my sister.  When we walked in we were greeted by a giant Minion Balloon and a special poem written by Hannah in honor of Ed’s Birthday.  Here is Ed sitting with Ernie and the balloons.  FYI that thing in the foreground is a lightsaber.  I had texted Ai Ai and Tim that Eddie would require a piñata but since we were also having the traditional Tan Family Easter Egg Hunt for the children we thought it might be too much so Ai Ai got these fabulous balloons instead.


Ai Ai purchased paper goods to decorate the house appropriately, and for the meal.


I sent examples of minion cupcakes to Ai Ai and Ruthie from Pinterest. They made all of Ed’s hopes and dreams come true.


Hannah made Ed this amazing minion hat.  Isn’t it cute?


And at the end of the week Uncle Tim decided we all needed to stop at the candy store after lunch one day.


What a great way to end the week.  Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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