360. Postcards



Since I’ve been traveling I send my peeps postcards to let them know how I’m doing. They told me they wanted to know I survived Oregon and I’m also sending Trainer D and Coach R my ORFR stats. I print pictures in the 4×6 size at Costco, stamp them, and send them off in the mail. Postcards are my favorite no-hassle way to keep people informed since I’m admittedly challenged in the correspondence area. It’s easy on me, they receive the relevant info, get to look at a fun pic, and happily move on to the next thing competing for their attention.

Although I need people with mad skills (I have neither time/money for anything else) I strive to make it as easy as possible for my providers to work with me. In addition to making our sessions entertaining (I tend to choose people who make them entertaining for me as well, although often unintentionally) I also provide timely reminders regarding notable occasions, e.g. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. This is one of the little things I can offer along with the free laughs. 🙂

The picture up top is one of the designs I’ve used during this trip. Below is what I wrote to CMD. I wanted to make sure she knows I’m doing my duty. While I’m resting on the acupuncture table she goes to her office, consults my chart, and then returns to the treatment table to tell me that based on her calculations I should have finished my supply of herbs and ordered more already. Then she goes out front to talk to Mommy regarding if I’m taking my medicine as I ought. FYI she called me a baby last time I saw her. Not “baby” as a term of endearment – “a baby” – under her breath. Mm hmm. I told you she keeps me on a real short leash.


2 thoughts on “360. Postcards

  1. Ning, somehow the “baby” story brought Auntie Sila to mind! 🙂 I mean, is that not totally something she would do (or did, maybe)? Sigh, our lives have been bespeckled with such great & memorable people.

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