350. Traumatic Brain Injury

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I might have joined the wrong subgroup at AVMSurvivors.org Oops, my bad.  They have lots of subgroups, e.g. there’s one for twenty somethings (clearly  not for me), and there are subgroups based on the part of the brain your AVM was/is.  My quandary is, cerebellum, brainstem…?  I dunno.  I saw N1’s reports when I changed insurance and they talk a lot more about the brainstem than we ever did in person.  Meanwhile, I’ve been a happy member of the cerebellum subgroup for several months.  I’ll ask my surgeon eventually and get a real answer.  I’m gonna be like, Hey, remember the time you saved my life?  Thanks for that.  I’ll wordsmith it better.  And I’ll be more grateful this time, I promise.

I’ve also been trying to figure out if what happened to me is an acquired or traumatic brain injury.  March is Brain Injury Awareness month.  However, I’ve seen it sometimes referred to as Traumatic Brain Injury awareness month, and I’ve heard compelling and definitive arguments from medical professionals on both sides of the AVM-as-acquired-or-traumatic debate.

So I’m going to play it safe here and say I’m wearing the green ribbon (green is the awareness color) around my neck in honor of my friends who live with brain injuries that are obviously traumatic.  By “traumatic” I mean that an external force caused the injury.

Friends, you know who you are.

Actually, you’re probably often the only one who knows who you are bc you could be living with TBI so fabulously it’s difficult for people to know that something happened to your brain.  All I gotta say is keep on living fabulously and be patient!  You have to give other people a chance to catch up 🙂

I’m also wearing this ribbon bc I keep on hearing an ad on the radio aimed at raising awareness of the “invisible wounds” service men and women often deal with when deployment ends.  TBI and/or PTSD often come home with them, too.  One of the voice-overs features a man saying that you can’t see combat without being…changed.  The emotion in his voice and the others in that ad is palpable.

I totally buy in to the idea of things being different now.  Things will always be different.  No matter how great they get on this side there will always be a line in the sand marking the date of your injury. TBI friends, I’m sending you a hug today. And every day.

3 thoughts on “350. Traumatic Brain Injury

  1. I caught one of your hugs!!!! Can I be a traumatic friend of yours….if I do my best to not be overly dramatic!?!? Sending a hug right back to you!!!!
    -your coast bound RIO friend Megan 🙂

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