345. Lunchtime Life Tutorial


E&R&co came to visit recently and we had a lovely time (we always do.)  I particularly enjoyed lunching with them on Monday since they were actually scheduled to go home on Sunday but we convinced them to stay and play a little longer.  So we hung out longer than expected, which is why Peter ended up wearing this adorable stripey/orange prison jumpsuit outfit.  We played the piano that morning and eventually headed out for lunch, where Peter taught us several lessons:

1.  Try new things: Ruthie verified the absence of raw fish, and then Peter gobbled the rolls up.  Note how he’s double fisting it in the standing picture.


2.  Maintain good form:  Actually, I’m not sure I’d call Peter’s chopstick holding method “good form” – but it’s how Ernie and I both hold our chopsticks and it has been efficacious for both of our lifetimes.  Karine also wields her chopsticks in this manner.  I suppose it’s in their blood and/or they are imitating what they are seeing.


3.  When you see what you want, go for it:  Ruthie told Peter not to get used to standing up like this, and she and Ernie took turns holding on to Peter, similar to how I’m guarded at PT if not wearing a gait belt.  Peter felt secure and confident to identify food on nearby plates he wanted, to solidify his stance, and then to reach out and grab it. 


4.  Enjoy the fruit of your labor and rest when appropriate:  At the end of the meal Peter discovered that he LOVED the fried bananas on the buffet line.  Seriously, he ate like, 4+ chunks of the cinnamon-sugar goodness.  Mommy had to hide the rest so he wouldn’t overstuff himself.  The next day Ruthie sent us this sweet picture of my baby taking a nap.



Have a great weekend!


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