335. Pray for Burundi


Going to Africa was the most exciting trip of my life.  I was deeply honored to be invited to live and work in Burundi.  I was so excited I couldn’t eat all week.  I carried around the same half-eaten Luna bar in my purse to appease JCJ (I have food in my purse, promise!) and JJ charged me not to faint on him while we walked around the mission.   (I didn’t.)  I also managed to get C, the other houseguest, to eat most of my food for me.  I flattered myself that we managed this unobtrusively, but my actions did not escape JCJ’s eagle eyes.

I would have been a financial analyst-missionary hybrid.  One day we went to the “accounting office” and I stepped out to take a breather.  I was feeling nauseous from being so wound up (like I’ve been feeling lately) and my hosts very graciously pretended not to notice.  I took the opportunity as I breathed deeply outside to take this picture:


I got the same feeling when I scrolled through my old pictures for this post.  The same excitement.  The same awe.

Well, I was wrong.  The Lord had something else planned for me, so the Princess and the Pea get to stay home.  But life in Burundi has continued.  Floods have devastated an area very near to Chez Johnson in Bujumbura (the capital).  Many lost their lives, even more lost their homes and everything else they own.  Burundi is already one of the poorest nations in the world – you can imagine that the flood related suffering will only be intensified by the poverty.  Other things to ask for include the Johnsons’ health – Jesse is just recovering from a particularly bad episode and will no doubt be called on heavily to help with the relief efforts, and the leadership of the Emmanuel Churches in general.

For more information, read these posts:  Feb 10, the floods and Feb 12 Assessment Visit – Gatunguru

For information on how to help financially, click here:  How to donate to flood relief

Please also pray for J&S – I met them in September and gave them my French/Kirundi Bibles and Perspectives reader.  They got all packed and went to the airport intending to move permanently to Burundi earlier this week but were told the flight was cancelled.  Lord-willing they will be leaving on Saturday instead.  Their transition to missionary life would have been hard enough without the natural disaster.  But as it is they will have to hit the ground running in a way no one anticipated.

Thank you for your support.


3 thoughts on “335. Pray for Burundi

  1. Dearest Ning,
    Thank you for updates on Burundi and the missionaries.
    Will uphold them in prayers for our Lord’s Divine Cover.
    Happy Valentine Day.
    Love & Hugs,
    Aunty Peng Leaxx

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