Is it really going to snow again?

I’m not feeling that great.  This is the latest manifestation of the “not-feeling-wellness” that has been following me around for a couple of months.  But I hope I’ll sleep it off and be well enough to resume acupuncture and my exercise regimen tomorrow.  Meanwhile, here’s one of my favorite videos:  The beginning is one of my first piano attempts.  That is my long-suffering recreational therapist holding my left arm.  And then the obstacle course is at Planet Rehab.  The sneakers belong to M37, and the male shoes belong to R, her brother, who was visiting that day.  Intern A took the pics!


PS.  Is it really going to snow again?

3 thoughts on “Is it really going to snow again?

  1. Snow? I don’t know. I pray for you more than I check your blog. I prayed for you as you moved to the NW. I prayed as you traveled to Burundi. I prayed in April 2011. I continue to pray. I am thankful for what the Lord is doing in and through you.

  2. You are doing amazing with your piano playing! I cant wait for you to come for spring break! I love you! XOXO,

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