330. WHERE do I find these people?!?!?


I like to tell M(37) and Trainer D/Mr. Miyagi about each other since I think they will be entertained by our shenanigans (the things they make me do).  BTW it is one of the great and unexpected joys of my life that I still get to see M (37) even though she’s no longer my PT.  The fact that she is a fixture in RecoveryLand ranks right up there with how I get to “talk” to M, my friend from RIO.  Fun Times, people, Fun Times.

59.  I'm not doing that.

59. I’m not doing that.

Anyway, I recently asked M(37) if she remembered the post, “I’m not doing that” and if she recalled saying that I tell her a lot of jokes.  Answer:  no, she did not remember saying any such thing.  So I gave her an illustration.

Example:  “I want to lie down.”

That’s not funny. 

That’s just true.

I told Trainer D that one.  He quite liked it.  I’ve had occasion to use similar lines on both of them.  E.g. one day I was doing squats or something in the parallel bars, and I called to M, who was sitting on a stool on the far end,

Hey, M – remember that time you said you were going to be nice to me?  [Subtext: Did you forget?]

PS she really did say she was going to be nice to me that day – I think I told her I wasn’t feeling well.  Her sympathy waned as the session progressed.

Trainer D has openly admitted  [warned me] that his accuracy at counting reps probably isn’t the most reliable.  Mm hmm.  You’re telling this to the girl with the brain injury who can’t keep track anyway.  Great.  I told him about how A (6)’s seconds were longer than human seconds (when he wasn’t looking at his watch and was telling me to do something and hold for X), so D often uses a stopwatch so we’re clear – but when counting reps all bets are off. I’m not the best counter at this point, and really, do I have to do everything around here?

One day I was hauling some kettlebells around and Trainer D said that this was going to be the last time I had to do this.  He also promised to find some bales of hay so I had something to look forward to.  :/

I dutifully started walking, heavily weighted, while he pointed to the space right in front of him and said encouragingly, Right here!  I was like, Ummm…I know – I’m trying.  I can see you and I’m aiming for the middle, promise.  Maybe if I didn’t have to carry all this it would be easier.

At the end of the line we turned around and kept on walking.

Hey, D, I called, Remember the time you said that this was my last set?

We both laughed and he took the kettlebells from me.  Mission accomplished.

Last week while I got to rest after the kettlebell gait training exercise I told him about my latest conversation with M (37).

Me: I always see lots of people lying down at PT…why is that never me?

M37:  We’re working on your endurance.  (Side note:  I am grateful to be able to build endurance but sometimes I’d rather just take a nap.)

Me:  But really, lots of people are lying down.

M37:  It could be for several reasons – e.g. they’re working their core on the mat.

Me: (pressing the issue) No, but really – I mean like with a heating pad.

M37:  Because they’re in pain.

Me:  I’m in pain.

M37:  Mm hmm.

When she just smiled and said, Mm hmm, I was like, Why do I even bother?  And Seriously?  Where do I find these people?!

And then I remembered – as soon as I was able to understand what was at stake I began asking God to send me the right people to help me.  It just so happens that the “right people” have all been fantastic, although I’ve been trying over the past several months not to have unreasonably high expectations…But they just keep on being good at what they do!  Before I was able to ask He just lined up a bunch of highly proficient practitioners for me to meet as I got acclimated to life in RecoveryLand.

You gotta be careful, M joked, you might get more than you ask for.  I am so thankful that I have.

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