328. Prayer Request

Psalm 61 | Ann Ning Learning How

We have had two cancer diagnoses in my Chapel Family lately. When someone I care for becomes ill it always troubles me, but these two instances weigh especially heavy on my heart. Perhaps it is the fact that they have surfaced one after the other in such rapid succession, but it’s probably just the fact that I know these dear ones and am grieved because we have an extensive shared history.

If you go to church with me you know I’m referring to D and C. They will be specifically upheld at tonight’s prayer meeting, so please come. If you don’t know D and C please pray for them and their families anyway.

When I got sick people from W immediately gathered at OHSU’s waiting room to pray for me. On the East coast the Chapel got up an impromptu prayer meeting that night, and then the ladies had another a few days later. Praying is one of the ways we show solidarity with the family. It’s also the time when believers get to exercise their right to boldly approach the throne of grace and ask for help. As Lucy says in one of the Narnia books, of course the Lord knows what we need already, but “I have a feeling [He] likes to be asked.”

PS. The lighthouse image above was taken by Michael Chen, M.D. I have known him since kindergarten. Hey, Mike – I’m sorry about the time I laughed at the fact that you’re a doctor now. (FYI this happened when I saw Mike right after I came home – it was so early I was still in my chair and just realizing that my social filter is compromised.) Your physician persona is completely credible, promise :).
PPS. The font in the image (and all of the handwriting fonts I use) comes from KevinandAmanda.com, Fonts for Peas

2 thoughts on “328. Prayer Request

  1. Praying along with you all tonight. I love the verses you picked for the lighthouse photo, and the font reminds me of your handwriting (which still has its artsy characteristic style, even post AVM).

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