EOY Pics

Hello – In my mind it’s still 2011, so I’m actually quite proud of myself (even though it’s mid January) for remembering we just celebrated the end of 2013 and the beginning of a new year.  I haven’t been feeling stellar this week so I’m signing off early.  I’ll see you Monday!  Meanwhile, here are some pictures of what’s been happening at Chez Tan and beyond:

These were the products of High Baking Season.  No, we did not have company, Mommy is just like that.  PS.  Isn’t the gingerbread house adorable?  It’s actually a kit from TJ’s but Mommy brightened it up with some good looking candy.


We drove to TN (we spent the night in VA to make it easier on ourselves) and went to Cracker Barrel.  I wish I had brought Ed – then we could have taken pictures of him playing checkers.


This was my table at Rise Up.  Thanks again to the friends who helped me out!  I learned a lot about how to set up and work a vendor table from the other peeps. 


We’re back in the saddle.  This is what Daddy does when he takes me to Rehab.  Mommy goes grocery shopping.


R (JCJ’s  mom) gave me this necklace.  I still think about Africa a lot.  


104.  *Now* You can go to Africa.

104. *Now* You can go to Africa.

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