312. I got voted off the island…again.

at The Willard Hotel, Washington, D.C.

at The Willard Hotel, Washington, D.C.

I totally forgot to post this bc I went out last night to see the Christmas Tree downtown. It was my first time out after dark with my friends! Thanks to all who pushed my chair for me. The whole thing was hysterical. xoxo

One of the chapters in my “Memoirs” is “A Really Bad Reality TV Show.” When I told my first NeuroPsych (at RIO, I think M and I shared the same doctor) that this whole thing was like “a really bad reality TV show,” he rubbed his chin, squinted his eyes at me and was like, “tell me more…” But there really wasn’t much more to say. I felt like I was observing what was happening as a 3rd party and the story was so silly I thought it was a very poorly written script. But it turned out to be real – I was just hoping it was a reality TV show. It really was happening.

A long time ago I said this was like Survivor: The Brain Injury Edition. To recap, Mom and Dad hold perpetual immunity and I am constantly getting voted off the island. It happened again on Tuesday. My eyes have been acting a little weird for the past month or so and Mom and Dad told me to chill out on the writing and not work on my computer as much. The problem is that I LOVE to write. I have always tried to maintain exercise as my priority and now I’m working in more household tasks, but I can’t get around it – I love to write.

I don’t do this because I have to, I do this because I want to. I have a running list of posts I want to write that is quite lengthy, but there are limitations on how long I can sit at my computer so the list keeps growing but the writing doesn’t always happen. I set a timer and try to observe good visual hygiene practices etc. but it appears that I might have been pushing it lately. So I’m going on vacay for a couple of weeks.

My eyes are feeling better but my body is inexplicably sore, so I’m still going to be a careful. E.g. I have to finish this post within 2 more minutes so I can tell Daddy I haven’t overdone it, I practiced my natural cleaning techniques this morning, and I will likely go see Weezy, the recumbent bike as opposed to the more vigorous Polly, the Warehouse Cat elliptical. On Friday, when this posts I’m going to see Trainer D in the morning (“eat a good breakfast,” he told me cryptically last time) and then Tanpo and I are going to the ENT.

Yep, it’s time to get scoped again. If she can rearrange her schedule a bit, K (our ST) will be there – YAY! So will Ed. We’re beginning to think that my voice might just be like this, which I’m okay with. I can live without singing, but I mostly just want to avoid that long-curved needle thing K told me about, or a surgical intervention. If my voice is going to be like this, fine – everyone just leave me alone, k? Okay, I’m outtie.

I’ll see you Monday, January 6!! Have a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year!

10. I got voted off the island.

2 thoughts on “312. I got voted off the island…again.

    • Back at you, PTB!! Merry Christmas to you and M. It was 4? Years ago that you helped me when my apartment flooded. And it was so nice to deliver adopt a family gifts with you and J 🙂

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