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I’ve been preparing for this for a long time.    I actually dreamed in the ICU that I was talking about the Lord’s work in my life – this was before I woke up and before I knew that my brain had bled.  I was only faintly aware that I got sick, but my default position on the matter was that God would carry me through it.

Well, I’m still wading through this experience but it appears that my default supposition was correct.  I put up a fight when I began to realize the enormity of my injury, but as I told J&J in a letter scrawled in red pen on some graph paper I found in my room and stuffed into JJ’s hands as they left our house in November ’11 –  “you can’t really argue with the cross.  I know bc I tried.”

I lost the argument, but I won the battle.  It turns out God and I are on the same side so victory was a sure thing once I decided to play for the winning team.  This realization was so earth-shaking for me I decided that I’d talk to anybody who’d listen to me about how God’s love is more than sufficient for me even in this situation that my logic recognized (with wide-eyed horror) as part of His plan and my logic + heart accepted (with wide-eyed wonder) from His nail-pierced hands.

This is why I write and have a website etc.  I’m not playing around here, even though I’m having fun, too – that’s just a fringe benefit.     Recovery is a serious undertaking.  You don’t get days off or a “cheat day.”  It’s a 24/7 proposition.  It was not my choice to live in RecoveryLand but the fact that I’ve been given the grace to live joyfully in it is worth the effort it takes for me to communicate electronically etc. about it. Although what happened to me is extreme, it’s significant that zero special knowledge was imparted to me in the Valley of the Shadow.  I did not see a white light and was not visited by angels.  They way I live through this extreme set of circumstances is based on the same principles I pursued in my old life – when I was earning a living and busy supporting myself as a responsible adult (with varying degrees of success).  There is no leap of faith required to understand what happened to me – in this way, it is relatable.

So that’s why I write so much.  I think this is worth talking about.  And since my situation differs from the norm in many ways I spend a lot of time posting stuff about how I wash my hair, what I learned in Business School, and recipes  so people from all kinds of backgrounds can begin to relate to my experience.  We have common ground, I promise.  Yes, I’m a little cray cray, but you’ll get used to it.

To this end I’m pleased to announce that Learning How Corporation is open for business.  I forgot to tell you one of LHC’s goals so let me just recap and add it in:

“Learning How” (Official name, “Learning How Corporation” – I refer to it as “LHC” for short) is a non-profit corporation that supports 501c3 organizations that promote the Gospel of Christ, Education, Health Services, and Mobility around the world, and especially in developing nations. LHC does not accept donations but is solely transaction-funded.  All sales (minus LHC’s minimized administrative costs) fund LHC’s goals. 

Why you should purchase my “Memoirs” etc.

  • Goal = to communicate hope and humor; encouragement for daily life
  • There is minimal overlap between this blog and my “Memoirs.”  I know – you’re like, What else could this girl POSSIBLY have to say?  Answer:  Many, many things.
  • They are wildly entertaining.  Note:  due to the nature of my injury there is naturally some heavy stuff in Learning How…vol 1, but it’s funny, really – just remember that I’m here, I’m laughing, and I’m asking you to laugh with me.  FOCUS.  Use your core. 
  • If LHC’s goals do not align with yours the book is worth reading anyway

What is for sale:

  1. Learning How…vol 1 (around $10):  my “Memoirs” – includes Learning How to Walk and Learning How to Wait, 143p, paperback, 6×9 black& white
  2. Ed Goes to DC (around $10):  children’s book, 24 p, paperback, 6×9 full color
  3. Encouragement Cards:  my verse prints, only available in the U.S. and sold at the LHC Shop, shipped to the PayPal address via USPS standard – these are 2 square verse prints loaded on a 4×6 card – you can cut them in 2 or include the whole thing in correspondence, sold in sets of 10 4×6 cards with 2 verse prints each.
  4. NOTE:  I ran into formatting issues with the e-book versions.  I hope to be available on Kindle in about a week.

You have 3 or 4 options for purchasing:

  1. My Website LHC Shophttp://www.annninglearninghow.com ==>shop
  2. Amazon: search = Ann Ning Learning How
  3. CreateSpace: search = Ann Ning Learning How
  4. On sale “live” in certain areas (see below)

I made you a picture to help you decide where to shop – it’s the one at the top of this post.  If you go to church with someone in my family you will have the opportunity to buy books in-person starting this Sunday, Dec 15 or the following week – depending on how fast shipping is (I’m working on roping someone to help me at W in OR.)  This special sale saves you shipping costs and it’s a buy more and save – the more copies you buy the cheaper they will be ($10-$7).  You may also enjoy this sale by shopping at the LHC Store.  Books will be on sale here (Free shipping!  Build your own bundle and buy more & save!) until Jan 4.  The shipping estimates given by the fulfillment are generally worst case scenario – like, after Christmas.  However, my experience has been about a week or less.  Be mindful of weekend ordering, and if you want to receive your books in time for Christmas, be sure to order ASAP – prolly this week – if using the LHC Shop.  If you’re you need guaranteed, trackable delivery, Amazon is a great choice, especially if you have Prime.  I ❤ Prime.  Encouragement cards will be available at the LHC Store year-round for pickup at Walgreens in the U.S.  Books are always available at Amazon and CreateSpace (My Book, Ed’s Book).

I want to give a special thanks to the family and friends who are making this venture possible since my deficits limit my execution capability.  A couple of weeks ago I locked poor Tanpo out of all our online banking accounts.  I still have a “Guardianship” account and I was testing my ability to check my own balance, transfer money etc.  When I couldn’t get the login right that night I was so frustrated I cried and might have thrown things around on my desk.  I was so upset about it I didn’t tell Dad until late morning on the next day.  Meanwhile, Dad got a dire email from the bank and almost called the cops.  J/K – not the cops, the fraud people at the bank.  Sorry, Daddy!  My bad. 

So now I’m back on a need-to-know basis re. my banking affairs.  Tanpo is withholding the password from me so he can actually get some stuff done around here.

So yeah.  I need help.  Thanks for your prayers and support, everyone!

5 thoughts on “305. Books Etc. on Sale!!

  1. Heartiest Congratulations Ning. This is the Day that the Lord Has Made.
    Well done for spreading the Gospel in this wonderful, amazing way. I am so, so looking forward to reading your books. So very proud of you.
    Lot of Love & Prayers,
    Aunty Peng Leaxx

  2. Ning, your story is so compelling in itself, but the fact that God has given you such writing skills makes the telling of it even more compelling. So proud of you.

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