Snow Day


Monday is a Snow Day in RecoveryLand.  There is no checking the radio/tv, calling a hotline or monitoring a website – I just get to decide bc this is my world and I’m in charge.  Mwa ha ha ha ha! (maniacal laughter).  (That’s actually a quote from Dr. M – I think I read it on his old xanga a decade ago and thought it was funny.)

The picture above is an old one – it snowed a LOT the year Ezra was born.  (2004, I think), and in the pics Ruthie is pregnant, Mrs. B (her mom) is visiting, and Ernie is shoveling snow.  I posted this picture because Karine is really young and the snow is so tall in comparison!

I’m looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow.  I’m going to need some hot cocoa.  And marshmallows.  And donuts.  I’ll have to talk to Ed about that – I don’t think Mommy is going to go for that idea.  Plus I’ll need to scurry around (digitally) so I can get more ducks in a row so Learning How can start sales tomorrow.  Thank you for praying – the articles of incorporation, bank account etc. have come through (thanks, Tanpo!) and now I’m just flip-flopping in my brain and getting distracted by the contrast between what I want to do and what I’m physically able to do.

Pre-AVM I would just push through and get whatever I needed done.  I never pulled an all-nighter in college but when I got my MBA I pulled a couple and I was like, ummm…I’m not even really “old,” but I think my body is protesting over this.  I used to try and dream of case studies in the event that I did sleep.  I would get into bed but often woke up in the wee hours with a case in my left hand and a pencil in my right.  Or a highlighter – in which case there would be highlighter marks on my sheets.  Oops.

That sort of plowing through is no longer an option.   For example, this post was supposed to be something else – that project I mentioned to you a couple of weeks ago.  But I ascertained that my imperfect reading and retention skills gave me a faulty understanding of the timeline so it’s not happening.  I’m pretty sure I’m the only one concerned about this kind of thing.  In OT I used to be timed while picking up buttons etc. with my left hand and putting them in a jar.  If I dropped one S (OT6) would tell me not to pick it up – to just move on quickly – but I never could.  I always had to retrieve the renegade item and put it away (unless it rolled across the floor).  This is representative of this entire experience.  I know what I want things (piano playing, books, etc.) to be like, but it’s not what happens.  I struggle to remember that I’m the only one thinking the old standards still apply.  It’s like how I still think it’s 2011.  I forget. Plus, I’m super tired.  I haven’t been feeling great this week, but I’ve gotten better this weekend (yay!), but I still think I could use a Snow Day.  So I declared one.  That prerogative is one of the perks of RecoveryLand.


One thought on “Snow Day

  1. Happy Snow Day, friend! Praying for the big launch. PS- have repeatedly thought about the delicious Indian food your Momma served me the other night 🙂 Mmm…

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