301. Post-Vacay Recap: Aruba


Hello! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. We did. The Tans went to Aruba. All of us. It was fabulous. Mommy took the picture above when the girls went exploring. I stayed home bc it was too much walking. Karine is holding Flat Stanley for her 1st grade class.

This was the first time I’ve left the country since getting sick. It was fantastic to be together in such a beautiful location but I think the traveling was a bit hard on me. It only takes 4 hours on a plane to get there but I think I exceeded my threshold for air pressure changes etc. I’ve felt dizzier (yes, apparently that’s possible), and my eyes have been acting up lately (increased jumpiness), plus I got a cavity filled before we left that is now problematic (Mommy will call the dentist asap). I only chew on one side of my mouth (the right side), and the cavity/pain is on the right side so my eating habits have been further curtailed. Kindly keep these items in prayer. Thanks!


Peter doesn’t have all his teeth yet but it didn’t stop him from commandeering Grampo’s apple one night and eating the whole thing. Not kidding. He chomped down to the core. There was a lot of drool, but I was impressed by his perseverance.

Let me back up: I was thrilled to find a wheelchair with my name on it upon arrival in Aruba. Literally:


I usually just stumble my way into any wheelchair that’s hanging around the gate. We always reserve one for me but this is the first time one was actually waiting specifically for me when I got off the plane. Actually, I kind of fell out of the plane door, but I choose not to recall that part. My wheelchair handler was the one who had the bright idea to label the chairs and I think it’s stellar. He also knew a very high proportion of the staff since a lot of his family is in the tourism business, e.g. he made a beeline for a certain lady at customs (his aunt) and his great-uncle drove us to the resort.

It was also thrilling to realize that I’m well enough to enjoy a moment like this:


My children needed a little ice cream treat one night and Aunty Ning was only too happy to oblige. Dream come true. I am SO back in action.

Mommy took these pictures – aren’t they pretty? She took them on a beach-exploring trip that I was excused from. I probably could have hacked it but I didn’t feel up to the exertion. I did, however, go the pool as often as I could and went to the fitness center. I am trying to get addicted to endorphins like I think Boo Boo is. It isn’t working yet. They have a lovely (several, actually) pool but it’s super-busy with lots of kids, and although it’s entertaining I feel a little self-conscious sometimes. I love being in the water but I still can’t move around as easily as I’d like to get out of the way when necessary. I enjoyed myself nonetheless – so much so that I might of overdone things a little and had the bad hip pain etc. near the end of the week.

So at the end I caved and called the concierge to borrow a wheelchair. This is what happened that night:


And now we’re home again. Vacay was fun but I love being home – especially since it’s cold now and it smells like Christmas.

Ooh – before I forget – I wanted to mention 2 travel tips for new walkers:

1. Wear (or carry) grippy socks to the airport if you intend to walk through security. If you roll through on the chair you’ll likely get the pat-down. I prefer to walk when I can but sometimes the floor is very shiny and slippery-looking. So I wear the grippy socks I brought home from the hospital. There will often be a cane you can use if you wish, and the TSA peeps have been very helpful. Also be aware that if you go through the big scanner thing they use now they’ll ask you to put your hands over your head briefly. It’s only a second or two. Use your core.

2. If you are going to borrow a wheelchair at the airport or the hotel carry wet-wipes with you so you can wipe down all the parts you/your driver will touch, e.g. the handles, brakes, rims (that’s what I call the part of the wheel you can use to self-propel), foot-rest swinging things, arm rests…

Airport Wheelchair Service

140. Airport Wheelchair Service


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2 thoughts on “301. Post-Vacay Recap: Aruba

  1. Just catching up on the reading now… praying for the dizziness, eye jumpiness, and tooth pain! The photos are so fun, especially the last one of you & E.

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