296. Books Etc. on Sale Tue Dec 10

Target Launch Tues Dec 10| Ann Ning Learning How

Photo by DGI. Thanks, D! And thanks for agreeing to be my PT at GWH.

This is so exciting. Okay, maybe not so much for you, but definitely for me. Daddy has done all the things a lawyer does and I’m hoping to offer my Memoirs, Ed Goes to DC, and another project I’m working on (TBA) for sale by Tuesday, December 10. We are now waiting for the government to issue our registration so please pray that all goes well logistically and we will get the incorporation and banking issues squared away for the target launch date of Dec 10, or sooner. I’ve decided that not only my Memoirs, but all of the collateral I produce for sale (Ed’s books etc.) will be nonprofit. The proceeds will go to Learning How Corporation, a nonprofit entity, and we will direct these funds (minus administrative expenses, e.g. government filing fees) to 501c3 organizations in support of our goals: promoting the Gospel of Christ, Education, and Mobility around the world.

To my mind, these are worthy goals. But it’s quite possible that my mind is way “out there” for you and these goals are not aligned with how you live. Even if this is the case, the book itself is still worth reading. Yes, what happened to me was an extreme scenario. But this whole exercise of Recovery is about how I’m struggling to re-enter the stream of daily living. That’s why I post so many recipes and why I declare victory over tasks like cleaning the toilet, or filing. Not everyone can relate to catastrophic illness, but everyone can relate to how I’m learning to live again, and my intention is that if you come along with me for the ride (please keep your appendages inside the car at all times) you’ll get some good belly-laughs in along the way.

FYI, when I say “mobility,” that’s code for organizations that provide access to mobility aids and PT education in developing nations. I am blessed to live in a part of the world that offers top-notch treatment and tools for recovery. Many people do not have this kind of access. In light of this, Joni Eareckson Tada’s Wheels for the World provides nicely refurbished wheelchairs to disabled people in developing countries and sends volunteer PTs to go and fit them. One story I read was of a little boy who can’t walk, and whose mother carried him for 2-3 years to school. But as the boy grew, the teachers told her that they could no longer carry him around the classroom so it looked like he would not be able to get an education. And then WftW gave him a wheelchair.

104.  *Now* You can go to Africa.

104. *Now* You can go to Africa.

IMHO, that’s good stuff. It would be an honor to be a part of this work. But I do not own a wheelchair to donate, and I still need Jack the transport chair. I am unable to earn a living, I am not a PT, and Mommy has informed me that even if I were 100% healed tomorrow, there will be no flying to Africa for me for at least a couple of years. I suppose she also includes other parts of the world in that statement. So I think Learning How is the best way for me to be involved in this work, and others like it.

Learning How is a nonprofit corporation, however we do not accept donations. This will be fueled by goods-based transactions, meaning that you will buy things for a price and the proceeds will benefit our goals (above). In order to convince anyone to buy something your product/service needs to provide value for the customer. My intention is that your value will come primarily in the forms of encouragement, humor, and hope. Note: Given the subject matter I necessarily talk about some heavy stuff, but the emphasis (I hope you can tell from my blog) is on how to procure and maintain a happy heart.

My books etc. will be available at Amazon.com. I’ll also provide a link for a direct-purchase option that will cause a higher % of the purchase price to go to charity. The part I’m most concerned about, though, is that you decide to make the purchase in the first place. In light of my limitations I have gone with the very easy format of self-publishing. I am truly torn up on the inside that this format does not allow me to “bundle” items for your purchasing convenience. However, the benefits outweighed the cost, and I’m sticking with Amazon’s Createspace. It is my understanding (I can’t guarantee 100% yet, but I’m reasonably confident) that my items will be eligible for Amazon Prime and Free Super Saver Shipping. Yay! I ❤ Prime. That’s how I got Leo the cane. If you’ve got Prime, you’re all set – free 2-day shipping! When I used to use Free Super Saver Shipping delivery was also expeditious, so either way I’m confident that you’ll be able to put it under the tree or package it otherwise for your gift-giving needs. Createspace features a print-on-demand model, meaning that you order it, and they print it and send it to you – you won’t have to wait for the book to find its way through the supply chain. It’s direct fulfillment via Amazon. This will be irrelevant, however, if you choose a digital download format (works for Kindle devices and Kindle apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac, BlackBerry, and Android-based devices). But by all means, choose both formats! And tell your friends. The more the merrier :).

Thank you for your support.

Xoxo , Ann|Ning

PS. Wanna hear my elevator pitch?

Learning How is the true story of how I had an AVM rupture and massive stroke at age 30 after deciding to forgo the American Dream and move to Africa as a missionary. Instead of sending me to the mission field, though, God put me in a wheelchair. When I woke up I didn’t believe what had happened to me since it sounded so outlandish and just plain bad. But then God gave me peace about this situation and this book is about how I learned to walk (literally and figuratively) and to wait for more healing.

Launching a Business : (1) Elevator Pitch |  Ann Ning Learning How



8 thoughts on “296. Books Etc. on Sale Tue Dec 10

  1. Hi dearest Ning, I am sooo excited for you and the launch of your books.
    May our Lord’s Name be Heard and Praised from the sale of your books.
    Great Work. Well done!!
    Loads of Love & Hugs,
    Aunty Peng Leaxx

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