292. Thankful

Ezra outside of The Place Mar 2012

Ezra at The Place March 2012

Tanpo took me to the doctor yesterday.  As we got out of the elevator and headed down the hall to sign in I pitter-pattered my way ahead with Leo and called behind me, “Hey, Daddy – look how fast I’m walking!”  (It’s “fast” for me, not for you.)  All he said was, Praise the Lord.  Yeah, that about sums it up.

As we gear up for Thanksgiving, I’m feeling very thankful for the ability to walk around the house, sleep upstairs, cook things, and file my mail.  This is the stuff of life I wasn’t sure would be in my future at one point.  On my last day as an inpatient my PT asked me what my goals were as part of the exit survey.

“(1) to walk,” I responded, “ and (2) to use the bathroom by myself.”

“Those are definitely attainable goals,” he told me.

He was right.  Check, Check!  Goals met.

I’m also thankful that you’re taking the time to read this blog.  Lately I’ve had consistent hits from the Philippines.  Thank you for reading this.  I live under a rock and am on a need-to-know basis, but I have seen what’s happened on the news.  Actually, images of people with tear-stained faces are all too common these days when you look at a newspaper or a TV broadcast.  But when the disaster has happened to you, it doesn’t matter – it’s your life that has been devastated.  And for every person captured in a moment of deep sorrow by a professional photographer, there are countless others whose wounds are undocumented.

But undocumented doesn’t mean unnoticed.  I’m thankful for that.  I don’t have the answers for everything, but as I said this summer,

I don’t understand everything, e.g. why bad things happen.  [But what I do know is that] the way God planned to have a relationship with humans met the need of my heart – and it was a DEEP need.  I could not have sustained that level of angst any longer.  Something would’ve happened.  But He relieved me – and gave me peace that day – and I’m so thankful…bc it was too much.  And He knew.

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