The Weeks in Review – Nov 2, 2013



It’s already November and I forgot to wish you a happy PT month (it was October).  See the progression in the sign above?  I’m SO going to look like that figure on the right.  🙂

It’s been a good morning – I ate my breakfast and then cooked a nice vegan bisque – chowder for lunch.  The Vegan Experiment continues.  I really am trying to get plenty of plant-based protein and Mommy helps me monitor this, but I was discussing the strength of my digestive system as shown by the state of my tongue (as explained by CMD) with Tanpo last night and he was not pleased at the idea of Ann/Ning not eating meat presently.  He needn’t worry – Mommy is watching me.  It’s just that if Dad sees me eating he’s like, “Good girl.”  I think it’s a Dad thing to be enthused/concerned re. your kid’s nourishment.



Dad and karine - Cherry BlossomsMonday (Oct 21): Experience

Tuesday: Thanksgiving –  Baked Butternut Apples

Wednesday: Mirror Image

Thursday:  The 7th Hospital

Friday: Flourless Maple Pecan Brownies (GF, Vegan)

Monday (Oct 28):  Thanksgiving – “Cheesy” Veggie Bake (Vegan)

Tuesday:  Shopping Day

Wednesday:  Praise Report

Thursday:  Outlier 2.0

Friday:  Mundane

Outlier 2.0 | Ann Ning Learning How

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