The Week in Review – 10.12.2013

Prayer Detox | Ann Ning Learning How

Let me tell you the story behind this picture. It’s my strawberry lemonade from lunch with Mommy.  I rarely order anything except water, but the colors were too tempting for me this time.  A couple of seconds after I took this picture we began eating.  Sadly, it was not a good motor skill day for me and I kept on dropping food all over the place.  Multiple times.  Grrr.  This might not seem like a big deal to you, especially if you have young kids, but I am a grown woman and I am unused to making this kind of mess.  This is why it took me MONTHS to eat anything in front of anyone when we got home.  On one of my first visits I didn’t partake of the delicious-looking blueberry coffee cake JLSS had made because of the animal-eating factor.  I got over that eventually, as evidenced by my happy eating on Wednesday when we all enjoyed yummy meals from our favorite kebab place.

Anyhoo, back to the lunch with Mom:  I was so frustrated when the third piece of food dropped and rolled around somewhere that I had to cover my face with my napkin, squeeze my eyes shut, and growl so I wouldn’t burst into tears right then.  “Mommy,” I said, “I am so frustrated.”  Mom and Ai Ai have told me that prior to the brain bleed I always presented myself as very collected and controlled.  I think they were referring mostly to my speech patterns, but it’s apparent that my presentation skills on all fronts have been tossed out of the window.

Mommy told me to breathe deeply and have a bite of her lunch, so I pulled it together and proceeded with my day.  It is incidents like these, that happen more often than I mention them here, that make me sure that I need the Prayer Detox and so thankful that I’m able to do it.

Week in Review20131012 |Post AVM Rupture Recovery Yr2 |Ann Ning Learning How

Monday:  Going Big:  “Aunty Ning Ning, why do you walk so S-L-O-W?”

Tuesday:  Dairy Free Roasted Veggie Chowder with Chicken or Clams

Wednesday:  They’ll Keep

Thursday:  Emergency Cookies – vegan, gluten free, no sugar added

Friday:  Creamy Green Apple Smoothie – dairy free

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