The Week in Review – October 5, 2013


Mommy bringing Leo to me after we retrieved him.

Do you remember that man at the Taj M’Teeter I talked about on Wednesday?  (Praise the Lord!  How you doin’ today?)  When he told me he’d pray for me he said he’d pray specifically that I’d throw my cane away (he just pointed to Leo and said, “this thing”) within two months.  I was thinking, I’m all for that – it’s good to be optimistic, and I know the Lord could execute rapid or instant healing, but that doesn’t seem to be His will thus far.  Plus I thought it quite bold to give a time frame for such a thing – I probably wouldn’t, but I’ve met a couple of random people who have prayed for immediate results for me and I’ve honored their faith in asking for a miracle even though God’s answer was “no,” and it didn’t happen right then and there.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I started experimenting by walking without Leo more often in public.  I had no falls, but then my legs started acting up and I got a little more nervous about weight-bearing, so Mommy said I should use the cane just to be safe.

We went to Wegman’s last week and we were halfway down 270 when Mommy started looking around the car funnily.  “Where’s Leo?” she asked.

I looked around and gasped.  I had forgotten him!  He was hanging on the shopping cart and I had just gotten in the car without him.

I was so sad I whimpered in a panicky sort of way.  “I feel like a bad mother!”  I told Mom.

We turned around and retrieved Leo, after a nice parking lot attendant ran around and found my cane for us.  I told Leo I was sorry, and that I wouldn’t forget him again.

I just realized Friday morning that the man at Harris Teeter had his prayers answered.  I didn’t throw Leo away like in the trash or anything, I just forgot I had him and left him behind.

Similarly, we went to E & R’s this week because my baby Karine had Granparent’s Day at school and had invited Grammo and Grampo to attend.  It was so nice to see everyone!  It was a short visit, though – less than 24 hours.  10 minutes after we had started the homebound journey I looked around the backseat and had a horrible sinking feeling in my stomach.  The back seat was devoid of the large orange pumpkin Ed wears at this time of year.

Ed!!  I forgot Eddie!! I told Mommy, recalling that he was sitting in the exersaucer near the front door.  Mommy told me it’d be okay, and I should be a big girl and Ernie and Ruthie will bring Ed home on their next visit, which will be soon.  Okay,  I agreed.

Ernie sent me this picture an hour later, and Ruth texted me saying that Ed was eating some chocolate chip pie to console himself. (The pie is in the collage at the bottom.)


This morning Mommy told me, See?  It shows that you’re better since you’ve not fallen to pieces because Ed isn’t here.

Mommy, I confided,  I’m holding on by a shred.

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PS.  Don’t you love this picture of Peter?  (bottom right)

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