All dressed up…

With no place to go…do you ever feel like that? Eddie was planning on wearing this outfit to the OR. Thank you so much, Dr. SJ, for snagging me the goods! My healthcare is changing to Medicare – thanks for praying re this decision! I’m just waiting for confirmation and then I’ll go to my new doctor and PT and my Daddy’s ENT. She will decide if I go to ST again or surgery. So I will keep this outfit in the drawer in case Eddie needs it later :).


11 thoughts on “All dressed up…

  1. Eddie is so dapper.

    p.s. I just tried to post this immediately after my second comment on the last post, and the server literally told me “You are posting comments too fast. Slow down.” I mean literally, that message popped up. Hilarious, no?

  2. Glad your waiting period is over and your getting Medicare. I will keep you and your treatment in my prayers.
    Thanks for being such a light!!
    Love Lisa

    • I scrutinized the photo carefully, and yes, Ed’s eyes don’t really seem to be pointing in the exact same direction. Join the club, Ed!! I tried to get him to wear my pirate patch but his eyes are so close together it covered both.

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