The Week In Review – Sept. 28, 2013


11. Wok Breath

11. Wok Breath

Ed got to come to lunch with us on Friday.  We went to the same restaurant we lunched at after I met M (37) for the first time and wrote about wok-breath.  This picture is of our appetizers.  If you live in the DC Metro area, this place is fabulous – a hidden gem.  It’s Sergio’s Ristorante in Silver Spring.  It’s in the basement of the Double Tree hotel near the corner of Spring and Fenton and the food is superb.  All three of us usually have “the fish” – it comes out crispy without being too “fried,” with some beautiful bits of green arugula on top with a lemon-butter sauce all around.  Mom and I will get veggies for our side and Tanpo gets that wonderful plate of pasta.  That pasta is so good, even though it’s super plain – I think it’s just butter or olive oil and parmesan – I wish I was eating pasta right now, but the veggies are also so good that I don’t feel too badly about that.  The salad is also very simple but astonishingly delicious – olive oil and lemon, I think, with greens.  Usually, I like salad with a lot of color.  But I’m content to eat this in all of its monochromatic yumminess.

While I’m at it let me tell you about another basement gem: Makoto – a Japanese restaurant on MacArthur Blvd.  I used to go there with Mommy to celebrate the passing of the semesters when I was an undergraduate at Georgetown.  One of the last times I went there before I got sick was right before graduating from Business School.  My friend and small-group teammate, R, came with me and we had lunch boxes there right before he had to go home to Japan.  They had soft shell crab tempura in the lunch box that day, and I’m telling you – it was literally the stuff dreams are made of.  When I was babbling at Vibra one of the places I told Mommy we needed to go was Makoto.  We have been there a couple of times since I got sick and they have not had the soft-shell crab again, but it doesn’t matter – I am always delighted by whatever is in the box that day. Sadly, I’ve decided to abstain for now since you do have to navigate the flight of steps down to the restaurant, and the whole experience is gastronomically fabulous but not so great for me in my mobility-challenged state.  The entryway is full of shoes (you have to take yours off – I wear grippy socks since I am unable to wear the slippers they provide), and the seating area is very small.  I think it seats less than 25, and there are these little stools that are not overly conducive to my uprightness.  When we’ve gone my parents have been careful to position me near a wall.  The fact that I have even attempted to go there means that I enjoy my meals there.  So.  Much.

Okay, enough food talk.  Wait, I take that back – this week has been very food-heavy on my blog – this was Sun Butter Week!  I’m going to bed now (Friday night).  Good night!

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3 thoughts on “The Week In Review – Sept. 28, 2013

  1. Both of those places sound like hidden gems – I never heard about them in all my years there! Glad they are getting some “press” here on your page.

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