252. How to make Sun Butter

Homemade SunButter | SunButter week! | Ann Ning Learning How

Welcome to Sun Butter Week!  I actually don’t LOVE sunflowers – they are a little too robust for me to relate to easily – but I love that they make me think of my favorite “radiant” verse, and their seeds make a fabulous nut-butter alternative.

221.  Radiant

221. Radiant

I am trying to be more inclusive on here since many dear ones live with nut allergies or have a peanut-restriction in their diet so I recently tried making a bunch of sun butter experiments.  I’ll post 3 this week, including this one.

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…

In order to make things with sun butter, you need sun butter.  You can either buy a jar at the store or make your own.  I opted for choice 2.  I bought 2 16 oz bags of sunflower seeds, 1 raw, and 1 roasted and salted.  I mixed the two together and ground them in my Vitamix in two batches.  I added a tiny spoonful of coconut oil to the first batch to aid the transition, and a drizzle of EVOO to the second batch.  Many people don’t add anything, though, so this is optional.  I only have the wet cup, so I used it and the tamper.  The process was fast and easy – it was obvious when the butter transition was happening and pretty soon I was scraping out creamy sun butter into my jars.  I got a couple of jars out of my 32 oz of seeds – probably 2-3 cups.  Sorry for the vague measurements, but what did you expect?

It tasted delicious, and I have long been devoted to peanut butter, and only peanut butter.  This was one of my first experiments.

240.  Sun Butter Brownies [GF & Vegan]

240. Sun Butter Brownies [GF & Vegan]

3 thoughts on “252. How to make Sun Butter

  1. Hi Ning!!
    How are you??
    I have never heard of sun butter! I am allergic to peanut and would love to try this recipie!! What do you put yours on usually? Do you bake with it more or do you put it on toast and things like that? I always love seeing your yummy recipes and hope to make this one soon!
    Love you!
    P.S. I love that “radiant” verse :), along with the picture. Thank you for sharing! ❤
    You can email me at the address beth.lenihan@hotmail.com if there isn't a way to reply to me over the blog:). Ttyl! Xo 🙂

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