The Week in Review – September 21, 2013


In case you haven’t figured it out yet, when I post a verse like this:


…it’s not for you, it’s for me.  Well, it’s kind of for you – I’m hoping that while I’m busy trying to encourage myself in the Lord like David, you’ll be encouraged, too, as a happy fringe benefit.   And come on.   Could you really tell me you don’t need this verse?  I sure do.  I mean, I know it, but I need to be reminded of it all the time – hence the pretty picture.

The first picture above is my cart at Whole Foods when I went shopping with Mommy this week.  I experimented with caneless walking in public and did okay – I do think I either have to get more used to the possibility of being jostled or give in and carry the cane sometimes bc Leo is a good visual cue for people to be a little more careful around me.  But I was using my core the whole time and was therefore reasonably confident that I wouldn’t fall, but if I did, I would not throw anything out of whack.

We were at WF bc I needed some ingredients (organic and pastured) for some things I wanted to make for a very dear friend’s baby shower.  So I distracted myself with that!  And I found out that you can make a lovely custard in the Vitamix.  Scarily, the Vitamix heats it up until it’s plenty hot.  There are eggs in custard so I looked up the temperature at which an egg is considered cooked and safe enough to eat – FYI it’s 160 degrees.  My custard reached 170.  YEAH!

I might have also fallen off the grain-free wagon at WF due to some lovely hamantaschen in the baked goods area.  I have been very good over the past few months, but I do love me some hamantaschen.  If the hamantaschen incident did not signal my fall off the wagon, it was confirmed as I spent a lovely few hours with S&J, who stopped by on their way up to CMML, and we had a morning tea/coffee break that somehow morphed into a dim sum party at the Tan’s Favorite Chinese Place.  They are fixin’ to move to Burundi and will live a couple of doors down from ChezJ – and I am terribly excited for them and so pleased that JCJ & JJ have colleagues now – JJ’s brother, his wife, and two daughters moved there (perhaps a year or more ago, I can’t recall), and now S&J are joining them.

When I got to see DnA (my Oregonian Parents) earlier this summer they were on their way to Burundi for a few months (but are safely home now).  As veteran missionaries themselves (they spent a lifetime in Ecuador), I figured they were up on this whole subject and confided in them early on in my Africa Quest.  They very kindly stopped by my apartment while I was in Africa and picked up a package from Amazon that had arrived while I was away – it was a French Bible with teeny tiny print.  It was the Bible I carried on my last Sunday at church before I got sick.  I sat next to Mr. and Mrs. N, JJ’s maternal grandparents.  I don’t remember much else.

But I gave that Bible to S&J since I don’t need it anymore.  I am so pleased that they can use it, and am grateful that our house is a few pounds lighter since I got them to take a few other books, too – my Kirundi Bible, dictionary, and my giant Perspectives reader and workbook.  I made poor Mommy pack them to come home with me but didn’t understand that I wasn’t going to need them.  I was wrong about a lot of things.  The hardest thing about not going to Africa is that I thought I was right.  I truly thought that I had discerned the will of the Lord and I was SO excited.  And then I got sick.  Being wrong isn’t actually the source of my angst, it’s the contrast between my excitement and my disappointment when I began to understand that what I thought I wanted more than anything wasn’t going to happen.  But you know what?  In the long run it’s not going to matter.  Plan “C” is going to be better than any of the plans I hatched on my own.

Psalm 34 Sunflower | Downloadable print | Ann Ning Learning How


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One thought on “The Week in Review – September 21, 2013

  1. Such pretty flowers in your cart! And love this post – thanks for sharing. I’m also glad you met J&S and had a nice time with them. Xoxos!

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