251. Anxious?


This is another full-resolution printable.  Mommy took this picture on the road one night as she and Dad went home from the hospital.  I was still so unsure at that time, but I was very anxious (although I couldn’t express it then) as I watched their backs disappear through the door every night and hung on until the last shred of light from the hallway disappeared as they closed the door behind them.  I didn’t realize at the time that although being conscious was novel for me, they had been doing this (with perhaps even more anxiety since I was showing fewer signs of life/”spirit”/pep) for a month and a half already.  So I’m glad they were able to go home to my apartment.  If I had understood fully at that point of course that’s what I would have told them to do, although I would have regretted that my accommodations weren’t cushier for them.  Being my parents, though, they didn’t care.

For instructions on how to download, print, or make your own, click here.  Basically, (right) click on it.  It’s a square, so make sure your photo printing service offers a square option.

2 thoughts on “251. Anxious?

  1. I’m just now starting to realize just how afraid my friends and family were for me after my first stroke. My parents live about five hours away.. my mom recently told me she cried the entire way, and even packed clothes for a funeral.. that’s how dismal it was looking. So I’m learning the stroke really didn’t just happen to ME,which is how it sometimes feels. It happened to everyone who loved me.

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