The Week in Review – September 7, 2013



This is another old Labor Day Picture (2010).  See how little Ezzie is?  He’s just a baby.  I was playing the piano that morning so I was practicing and then J==>G, who was walking by, said he saw a pink blur as I shot out of the big hall and ran down or up the hill (can’t remember).  Maybe I was late for a meal, or I was just in a rush to get back to Tim&Ai Ai’s (I always stayed with their family in the T Cottage).  The point is, though, that I was running.  Probably not very fluidly or fast – I didn’t hope for those in my old life, either, but I could do it.  This year I brought Charles ( My Rice Baby stroller) and chugged up the hill slowly but steadily.  My face was really red afterwards, but I did it.  Excuse me – I have to go count my blessings now.  Plus, I’m upstairs but I can hear that Mommy is clearly baking something.  The oven door is seeing some use.  It is my duty to go check it out.  Have a great weekend!




Monday:  I’m not hating... (excuse the expression)
and flourless Peanut Butter treats [GF, Vegan]

Tuesday:   Dark Chocolate Sun Butter Brownies [flourless, GF, Vegan]
PB Bread [Grain and Dairy Free, No Sugar Added]
and PBJ Bars [Grain and Dairy Free]

Wednesday:  Well Manicured

Thursday:  I ❤ Land & Pool PT Pie – Almond Coconut Blondie Pie with a Brownie Swirl [flourless, GF, Vegan]
please go make this now.

Friday:  Too Much Fun

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