Too Much Fun…


Isn’t this the sweetest picture EVER?

I might have had too much fun today.  Dad and I walked around the loop for the first time since this:

7.  An Infinite Do Loop

7. An Infinite Do Loop

So it’s been about a year since we last walked the neighborhood.  There have been many attempts, but I have often wanted just to stick close to our driveway.  This time, though, I got to walk with Charles so I marched on bc the weather has been so pretty for the last couple of days.  Daddy said I did a good job of getting Charles (my Rice Baby stroller) over the front door’s threshold and down the step.  There was a lot less wiggling, he thought.  That’s bc I was using my core, I explained, only half kidding :).  It took us about 45 minutes this time, vs an hour last time, and 20+ minutes sans disability.  I was glad to get my exercise in outside with Tanpo because I felt pretty good – I had acupuncture this morning and took a 40 min Ceragem nap when my back was telling me we were reaching the point of no return.  I then was able to bake another PT Pie, although my brownie swirl was appalling this time.  Very poor motor skill control.  My bad.  Maybe I need to go back to OT.

Meanwhile, I’m all tuckered out from all the fun I had today.  So have a good weekend!  🙂

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