227. Thin Mint Brownie Pie [Vegan | Gluten Free]

Thin Mint Brownie Pie |Gluten Free & Vegan | Ann Ning Learning How

It’s time for more pie!  To clarify:  I am not vegan, just like I’m not Paleo.  I just like incorporating elements of being vegan/Paleo into how I eat.  Plus I’ve invested in a bag of flax seed here at Ai Ai’s and I want to use it up.  So I made a Thin Mint / Grasshopper  Brownie Pie for Ai Ai and Josh since this summer has been very peanut-butter heavy and I’m trying to be more equitable about this.  Also, it could not have been easier to make.  One of the benefits of cooking the way I must is that I prefer things with only a few ingredients and simple assembly.

Side note:  I’m not a supple leopard, either.  

175.  Becoming a Supple Leopard

175. Becoming a Supple Leopard

The chocolatey smell of the brownie base was intoxicating as it wafted tantalizingly from the oven.  Sadly, when I actually made the effort to hold on to a nearby counter and bend down to look in the oven my brownie pie was bubbling in a very disturbing way.  So I figured I’d bake the life/effervescence out of it, hence the long baking time.  But then my sister suggested that we take it out of the oven since we were dangerously close to the burning zone and it would set up anyway.  Happily, it totally did.  The top looked pock-marked but I was going to cover it all in mint cream anyway so it didn’t matter.

We set it in the freezer for a while after I let the brownie cool and I topped it with the mint cream and sprinkled it all with chocolate chips.  We should have let it set more but we couldn’t wait anymore!  And let me tell you, I could have eaten the WHOLE THING and I prefer peanut butter.  Because I baked it so long the edges of the brownie were that gooey-crispy-fudgey combination that I love.  That might have been the clincher.  I had high hopes that my children would like it, but I think they have been biased by some experimental vegan strawberry funfetti donuts (grain free) I made that were epically disappointing for them.  If I figure out how to make them better you’ll see them, but in the meantime I vowed to bake something my children will actually enjoy and rushed out to the store to buy a cake mix.

They were so polite, though, in telling me that my Thin Mint Brownie Pie was not their preference – it was so sweet.  I wanted to get up and make those cake mix donuts right then.  But they had already hatched a backup plan:


For the record, though, Ai Ai and Timmy loved the Thin Mint Brownie Pie, too.  And it’s only because I feel too guilty to be eating pie at 9am that I’m not rummaging in the fridge right now for the leftovers.

Thin Mint Brownie Pie [Grain Free and Vegan]
preheat your oven to 350 and grease a pie plate

The Brownie:
inspired by Our Fifth House’s Paleo Brownie Pie

  • 3 flax eggs – room temperature.  I just put 3 Tbsp of flax seed in a bowl, added 9 Tbsp of water, mixed it up and let it sit and thicken for about 15-20 minutes.
  • 1 c cocoa
  • 3/4 c maple syrup
  • 3 Tbsp coconut oil
  • generous splash of vanilla
  • small splash of peppermint extract

Combine everything, mix well, pour into your pie plate and bake at 350 for 40 minutes.  Then turn the oven down to 300 and bake for another 15 minutes for a total baking time of 55 minutes.  Don’t be scared of the bubbles (see above).

The Mint Cream:

  • 1 cup raw cashews, soaked (my new method is to cover them with just boiled water for an hour or just microwave them in water for 1-1.5 minutes) – drained and rinsed
  • 1/2 c non dairy milk
  • 1 romaine leaf (this is to impart a delicate green hue to the cream – I would have used spinach but we didn’t have any; you can’t taste it, promise)
  • splash of vanilla
  • splash of peppermint extract
  • maple syrup (add to taste at the end).
  • chocolate chips for sprinkling

Blend everything except the maple syrup and chocolate chips.  Add maple syrup to taste at the end.  Chill the cream in the fridge while your brownie cools.  Pour the mint cream over the brownie base and sprinkle with chocolate chips (I used mini dairy-free ones – so cute!).  Let the pie set up in the freezer, then store in fridge before serving.

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