222. Lime Cream Icebox Pie [Grain Free and Vegan]

Lime Cream Icebox Pie | Vegan & Grain Free | Ann Ning Learning How

I had a lot of personal angst about what to call this.  Should it be “Lime” or “Lime-Coconut?”  I went with just “Lime” bc there is no coconut in this recipe, just coconut oil, and the flavor emphasis is definitely on the lime.  However, I do feel that coconut compliments the taste of lime very well in general – I’m not apologizing for the coconut I’m just saying that this no-bake dessert is lightly scented with the fragrance of coconut whereas lime is the intended keynote speaker.  (Side note – perhaps I could call this a No Sugar Added dessert since I only use dates but dates are so sweet I feel almost guilty about doing so.  Let the record show, though, that this is sweetened with fruit only.)  Did you get the part about “no-bake” dessert?  Summertime presents wonderful opportunities for me to produce desserts sans heat sources and go back to making one of my favorite things:  PIE.  I’m sure you like the idea of not turning on your oven and heating your kitchen, and I hope the dairy-free among us will appreciate the non-dairy opportunity to enjoy a creamy pie.  And the crust is a winner, in my book.  I toasted raw almonds and they were incredibly yummy.  The pie iterations here are endless.  FYI this is NOT the last time you’ll be seeing this pie on my blog.  🙂

This recipe is loosely based on a lime cheesecake (raw, vegan) I saw on a Cooking Channel show featuring The Chicago Diner (a 100% vegan eatery).  I made this with two lovely ladies in mind – D (Miz Betty’s daughter in law) was going to come over last Saturday morning but she couldn’t because of illness.  A, however, carried the torch for her, and showed up with (among other lovely things), some amazing lime cheesecake bars.  D, you see, had been planning on bringing lime pound cake.  The “lime” part was hearsay, but came from a reliable source.  I looked longingly at A’s lime cheesecake bars, but I’m glad I’m (almost entirely) GF|DF right now or else the entire platter would have ended up in my tummy and that would have been very shabby behavior on my part considering there were a lot of guests to feed.  Thank you to both ladies for the inspiration!  PS.  I’m still obsessing over coconut flour pound cake recipes.  A citrus one would be lovely, but T mentioned that her daughter is having a classic almond pound cake at her wedding so I just HAD to go get some almond extract last week.  I’ll probably end up doing both.

One last thing – this is a skinny pie.  Skinny as in the filling is not overflowing, not skinny as in “this will make you thinner” – because it won’t.  The primary ingredient is nuts.  I like this pie skinny because I’m so enamored of the crust.  Also, I topped mine with a dollop of House Whip from Trader Joe’s since I have a major weakness for whipped topping you find in the freezer section.  If you want a taller pie, though, and prefer the all-natural route, top the pie with cashew cream or coconut cream.

Lime Cream Icebox Pie [Vegan, Grain Free]

Makes 1 pie


1 cup raw almonds
4 dates, pitted
¼ cup coconut oil


For the filling:

¾ cup cashew cream
juice of one lime + as much zest as you like so it’s “limey” enough
¼ cup coconut oil
splash of vanilla

Prepare the Crust:  Toast your almonds (I stirred mine occasionally for 10 minutes in a dry pan.  You could try buying roasted almonds, but I only had raw and the results of toasting on the spot were delicious.)  Pulse the almonds and dates in a Ninja or food processor.  Add the coconut oil.  Be careful of the blades!  Stir to combine, dump it all out and press down in the bottom of your pie plate.

Prepare the filling:  Mix everything (remember that everything should be room temperature or else your coconut oil will seize up).  Pour it over the crust.  The filling will be runny – don’t worry, it will harden.  Let the pie set in the freezer, then store in the fridge so it will be soft enough for serving.  You can top it with whipped “cream” and garnish with lime/zest if you like.

Pssst – You know how easy this is, right?

Cashew Cream ||Ann Ning Learning How

My favorite part of the Cashew Cream post:

I do not make health claims for any of my recipes/practices.  This theoretical conversation illustrates why:

Friend:  Do you seriously eat like that?

Me:  Yeah.

Friend:  So how’s that working out for ya?

Me:  Well… [makes sucking teeth sound]

I try to stick to “real” food – a popular practice among the health conscious these days…I’m just saying I’m not exactly the poster child for robust health.  Yet.

An older gentleman at Costco called out to me in the checkout line (I was in a wheelchair at the time), “So I guess you’re not ready for preseason yet, huh?”

Give me another year :).


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