The Week in Review – July 20, 2013

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I found out what I’m allergic to. The patch test yielded 1/36 results. This was great because I was expecting the most common outcome – no results (and you have no idea what is causing your itchiness). FYI I used products with M(C)I in them for years before I got sick and after I got sick. But as I suggested once in a conversation with my dermatologist, my body’s still like “Aaaaah!” (flailing hand motions) and things are liable to crop up unexpectedly. I have always favored drug-store products but lately I have been investing in some slightly higher end lotions and potions. On my crusade to rid my bathroom of culprit products, though, I have suddenly become more conscious of parabens and sulfates so I said goodbye to all of my shampoos, soaps, and lotions yesterday. I am currently adjusting to scentless living. I suppose it’s no biggie. I read a book on the history of the bath once, and it pointed out that it’s only recently, in our modern, synthetic culture, that people have become used to smelling like kiwi mango passionfruits. I’ll get over it, it was just one of my indulgences since food is no longer an option. I have noticed that perfumes make me red so I’ve stopped using those for at least a year, but I thought my lotions etc. were safe. Oh well. Notably, I did not become symptomatic until I left acupuncture.

So I’m going to concentrate on eliminating M(C)I from my life and I hope to see improvement. Thanks for praying :).

PS. This is a happy happy outcome vs. the time when I endured a whole battery of tests to be told my left leg is perfectly sound and there’s nothing physically wrong with it in spite of the pain and “folding,” so I’m counting my blessings !

The Week in Review 20130720_Post AVM Rupture Recovery_Ann Ning Learning How

Monday: The Short List -downloadable Verse Print

Tuesday: 2 Ingredient “Magic Shell”

Wednesday: Dorito Girl Has Been Benched (I want to sing)

Thursday: Real-Deal Hazelnut Latte (Dairy-Free)

Friday: French Fried Toast (Grain & Dairy Free)

8 thoughts on “The Week in Review – July 20, 2013

  1. Now you got me thinking! When are you binding all these sessions in a book?

    Rejoice over the Lord’s goodness and you improvement over time.

    With love in Christ,


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    • Hi, Mr. H! I would love to compile this blog into a book – I think there are websites that will do that for you, or else I’ll just make a PDF like I’m doing with my other stuff. I just need to research more and buckle down. My computering skills have been curbed by all the impairments, but I can do it – it just takes longer. Please say HI to Mrs. H for me. :)ning.

  2. Ning! This is great news! (I know, that sounds weird, but I totally understand what you mean about tests not yielding results and yet you’re like, “there is clearly SOMEthing wrong!”)
    You made me laugh with the “smelling like kiwi mango passionfruit” comment, and just generally in the fact that you read a book about the history of the bath. Was that pleasure reading or for school? 🙂 Ha haa.. I know you love your cleanliness.


  3. Congrats on finding out what triggers your allergy. You may want to double check laundry detergents and fabric softeners since it seems like a lot of cleaning type products (dish soap, shampoo …) have this ClMe additive.

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