215. Real-Deal Hazelnut Latte

Real-Deal Hazelnut Latte | Ann Ning Learning How

When I woke up some of the quiz questions I asked Mom (to make her tell me obscure details about my apartment that I thought would verify the reality of the situation) concerned the contents of my fridge, freezer, and cabinets.  There was Crisco in the fridge from my shortening-in-pie-crust phase, some sad frozen blueberries from the 11 lb. bag I had purchased from Costco a long time ago, and in my teapot/espresso pot cabinet was a bottle of sugar-free hazelnut syrup.  I love the flavor of hazelnuts and  will often choose it if I go get a coffee drink.  But today I made one with real hazelnuts – it was so easy – and this is how:

Real-Deal Hazelnut Latte
Serves 3

  • ¼ cup hazelnuts
  • HOT water – from a recently boiled kettle
  • 3 c room temperature water
  • 4 dates (pitted)
  • splash of vanilla
  • 2 shots of espresso

Cover hazelnuts with just-boiled water for an hour in a mug.  Rinse and drain; blend with 3 cups of water until milky.  Add the coffee, dates and vanilla; blend some more.  If the mixture sits, make sure to stir before serving – wonderful hot or iced.

I used decaf espresso in mine but would not be opposed to adding in a couple spoonfuls of coffee crystals or some of the morning’s leftovers if that’s what you have on hand.  If you do not drink coffee, I would go the chocolate route and put a spoonful of usweetened cocoa powder in there and call it a day.  Ooooh – excellent notion.  I might do chocolate AND coffee next time so I can have a mocha.

I made this coffee treat for myself since I wanted a little pick me up after going to see the allergy doctor this morning.  He opines that my itchiness is unlikely to be food-related but I’m doing a patch test (I’ve got 3 patches taped to my back presently) and will go back on Friday to see if they yield any results and I can eliminate some of my (manifold) grooming products and watch my skin improve.  A girl can hope.

I brought my medical summary (my 1 page “resume”) along with me and it turned out to be just the thing.  We didn’t need to spend any time talking about health history – I started with a problem statement and then the doctor cut to the chase and simply asked me what my goal was for the day.  FYI, goal = I want this itchiness gone because I am away from CMD and being out of acupuncture treatment hurts.  If I am not itchy I can try to go get some relief from acupressure massage.

On the upside I have been praying (and have asked you to join me) that I will see unmistakable results from acupuncture, cupping etc.  This time away from treatment makes it pretty obvious to me that treatment has made a marked difference in my life.  I have to write to CMD and tell her I have to have a VCI in the fall.  I will also inform her that I’m grain & dairy free.

145.  Illness, Body Image, and Why I Eat the Way I Do.

145. Illness, Body Image, and Why I Eat the Way I Do.

I originally changed my diet to see if it would help my skin.  Answer: no, my diet change has not helped my skin.  I want to keep doing it, though, because I feel better overall.  Going entirely grain and dairy free was not a huge change from how I was already eating, but I find that eliminating these things from my personal menu makes decision-making a lot easier, and I’m able to make good (veggie-based) choices.  When I originally inquired about going gluten-free (not grain free) with CMD she was the one who told me not to eliminate things wholesale since she still wanted me to get those nutrients.  I’ll tell her about it, and if she has any concerns I’m sure she’ll let me know.  In the meantime, I continue to be vigilant re. my nutrient intake and am celebrating my ability to eat nuts without allergic consequences by making this latte.

PS.  I’m actually not entirely grain-free.  Confession:  I eat corn.



8 thoughts on “215. Real-Deal Hazelnut Latte

  1. This sounds amazing. I don’t seem to come by hazelnuts so often, so I’ll have to be on the lookout. On another note, did you notice how I’ve been re-pinning your pins like crazy today? 🙂
    Praying for you, friend. I didn’t miss any emails from you, did I? If so, I apologize! I’m not ignoring you!

    • I’m hiding from my emails, Randa, but I don’t think you missed any. But I’m so pleased to “converse” with you here. Aaaah! I did not know you are not near a Trader Joe’s. I can’t believe we haven’t talked about this. We will discuss. xoxo

      • Hey there! I actually am near-ish a Trader Joe’s, and go weekly or bi-weekly because it’s also near Costco & Whole Foods. :). So it seems I just need to open my eyes a little more to the hazelnut selection!

  2. I can happily vouch to the deliciousness of this latte. Ning made this for my lunch today – along w/ some protein powder, a splash of vanilla, and some ice. She whirled it in the Vitamix and mmm, mmm good. I requested some mini chocolate chips in there, too, which were a delicious added bonus. Thanks, Ning! 🙂

    • I’ve been shy about using the term “Filbert” – but my bag from TJ’s says “Oregon Hazelnuts” and I think os my happy time there whenever I eat them…which is often. I has wonderful hazelnut pancakes near the Aloha campus once – I think it was Bob’s.

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