212. The Short List – Verse Print

ShortList Verse

My sister got me into researching scripture wall art since she’s loving on Philippians 4.8 “Whatever things are true..noble…just…pure…lovely…” In my internet travels I happened upon a wall decal with Romans 12.12.  Being unwilling to commit to an actual wall augmentation on my sister’s behalf I made a photo print to frame or just gently tape to the wall where my sticky note prayer list is.  I’d like to go with a non-permanent route since I don’t actually live here.  My print is will be ready at Costco in a few hours, but I’ll probably choose a later pick-up time since we won’t be able to get there for a few days.

You, though, have a couple of options:

(1) If you like the verse and the picture as-is:  Download the image and then upload it to the photo processor of your choice.  I am using Costco’s 8×8 print – I think they are $1.49 each.  I have uploaded the image so you can click on it and it’s full-resolution.  I have a Mac and practiced adding it to iPhoto with no problem – I’m assuming PC users can right-click and save as with minimal fuss.

(2) If you want to make your own:

  • Choose a photo that is meaningful to you.  Mine is of a tea plantation in Africa – we went on a picnic one day and the sky was so beautiful.  I purposely chose one colored so that the text would have enough contrast to be seen.
  • I cropped mine so it’s a square – a very common size for posting online – I just checked to make sure Costco offers square prints.  You can choose any size you like – the key is to verify printability.
  • Drag it into powerpoint and add a text box.
  • Highlight any words you want with a different font.  I usually just use Microsoft’s standard fonts, but if they look like handwriting, they are probably from Kevin & Amanda – Fonts for Peas.
  • Select everything on the slide once you’re done fiddling.  (Control-A)
  • “Save as Picture” to the folder of your choice – just remember where you put it.
  • Upload it to your photo processor and print it!

This is where I’m putting my picture/verse:

133.  The Short List

133. The Short List

2 thoughts on “212. The Short List – Verse Print

  1. I love your sticky note prayer list and am going to borrow that idea. I work with children in our church neighborhood and I think they could use this idea! Thanks for sharing your life with us.

    • I’m so glad! Kids will like the fun colors and it really helps with memory. It’s hard to work with a notebook for me now but sticky notes do the job 🙂

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