The Week In Review – July 13, 2013

Friday was nice and relaxed.  We stayed in until the evening (although Boo Boo was very busy getting ready for some friends to arrive), when everyone went to Tae Kwan Do.  I would have participated, but the studio is conveniently located next to a nail place so now my nails are a lovely ocean blue, inspired by M (37).  I’m glad we had a break because we have been on the move!  On Thursday we went to  The Gym (my new PT place) and I did my duty on the Alter-G.  LOVE IT!  My leg had already been acting up for a few days to the point that I took a pill N1 gave me and I’ve been putting heat on it like I used to before I started acupuncture.  It’s a catch 22 since the hip feels better when it’s moving, and then when I stop it hurts.  As the fatigue and discomfort increase I can “see” the left leg dragging behind me – the toes of my shoe scrape the floor even though I think I’m picking up my foot as usual.  I got some good walking in, though, and then we went to Target where I took a sitting break and got a treat.  Don’t worry, Mommy, I don’t do this often.  (Or ever, really.)

Decaf Tall Soy Sugarless Hazelnut Machiato

Decaf Tall Soy Sugarless Hazelnut Machiato

And then we went to Costco and I was dutifully pushing a cart but then decided I had maxxed out my walking/standing capacity.  Don’t worry, Mommy, I’ve never done this, either.

Hey, Mom - Look what I got!

Hey, Mom – Look what I got!

All I have to say about this is that I miss CMD :(.  She anticipated that this could happen and instructed me on the acupressure self-massage techniques that could help.  I was a little anxious about the pain management issue but decided I wanted to go see my sister & family.  It was the right decision – it’s SO worth it.  I can do the massage thing on my face but the skin issues I’ve been dealing with lately make me averse to any kind of touching.  It’s a vicious cycle, really, but I think my skin might be getting a bit better and I have high hopes for seeing a massage therapist my sister knows who is schooled in Eastern medicine.  I’d like to see if I can get any relief from massage since ain’t nobody comin’ near me with needles except Dr. D (my Ninja CMD).   The pain is much better today but I feel increased weakness in my left leg, reminiscent of the “power up” incident.  I am aware of it and am watching out for it – but I still have 2 prayer requests:

 (1) That my skin would heal, and if the issue can be addressed through diet that I will be careful in doing so.  I’m thankful to have an appointment with Ai Ai’s allergist next week and pray the problem can be diagnosed effectively, although given my track record I would not be overly surprised if it’s a mystery ailment.  Side note:  my allergy testing is 100% covered by insurance (thanks for checking, Ai Ai) since I met my deductible back in February or March.  (2) That my left side pain & weakness (mostly the left hip, but there’s some left shoulder action, too) would go away.

Thank you!

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