183. Flight Phase

Jumping Beans || Ann Ning Learning How

Special thanks to the lovely family who obliged me by taking on a feat of coordination/wrangling and snapping the above picture.

I saw M (37) for the first time in a while when I returned to PT last week (remember, my insurance was up for renewal). Happily, she noted that my gait is getting better and we traipsed around outside the hospital for like AN HOUR. There was all sorts of uneven terrain, lack of sidewalks, and crossing of streets. Okay, I did get to hold M’s hand once, and maybe it was like 45 or 50 minutes, but still. Straight up cray cray, that one. Heh heh. Just kidding <3, I’m just being facetious.

We “ran” to the front door and I noted how funny it is that I’m super compliant and do whatever she says and running/loping along in front of the customers at R’s coffee cart is business-as-usual for us. M noted that my running looks better, too, which I was very pleased to hear. Before my mini vacay I asked if I could walk around the house without Leo the Cane, and I think it’s helping. At a certain point you spend more time looking for the cane than using it, so it’s really nice to be able to give Leo a “staycation.” I like to use him in public, though, as it’s a good visual cue for people to give me a little wiggle room and to watch out lest I fall on them or just to remember not to jostle me. (Side note: Jostling was bad in my old life, too – hence my aversion to crowded amusement parks or shopping at Tysons I on Saturday morning.)

Also, Tanpo has been practicing his own version of Physical Therapy by marching me around our driveway and putting me in charge of our garbage and recycling bins. When you’re rolling them along, they’re like a walker, he insists. I think this exercise must be helping, too. When I’m not pushing the garbage can Tanpo won’t hold my hand, either. I’m supposed to be practicing my balance and walking in real life skills. He’s quite hardcore and M supports his methods – it seems to me that they’re on the same wavelength – it’s just that M’s credibility comes from those letters after her name and the schooling she made it through to get into this profession. Tanpo also has letters (lots of them, actually) after his name, but he gets to tell me what to do bc he’s my dad. That’s how this gig works. I know the drill.

Anyway, back to the running improvement. It seems that I now actually get off the ground (briefly) now. The period when you’re switching from one foot to another and both feet are in the air is called the “flight phase” and I have one. I thought things felt a little different. We’ll see if it sticks around this week.

Even if I’m airborne for a fraction of a second, I’ll take it. The last time I was airborne (and not at PT, wearing a gait belt) was when we went to Tanpo’s PDG to get the finalized results of the biopsy from when he had surgery in Oct ’12 to remove the growth from his vocal cord. We learned it was officially benign and so I gave myself permission to celebrate. We were walking out to the elevator and I told Mommy I was so happy I was going to jump up and down. I positioned myself in the corner with Leo, Mommy stood close by, and I jumped up and down in celebration very gingerly. Even then, I think I only jumped once. After gaining minimal air, coming back to earth was so jarring I felt that was enough excitement for that afternoon. So we got into the elevator and went home.

Given Tanpo’s cancer in 2003 (in the nose/throat area) the final report opined that last Fall’s growth was likely a consequence of the cancer treatment and that’s also why his ENT (who impressed me with her beautiful earrings and hair peeking out from her surgery cap – I know Dr. SJ would agree – there’s no reason why you can’t operate and look good, too.), is continuing to monitor his vocal cord etc. health. It appears that this is an ongoing concern to be monitored kind of thing, and so the flight phase of the benign biopsy happiness is just that – a phase. Being airborne and carefree forever isn’t the nature of this situation. But it’s a perfect scenario for Divinely imposed peace.

Now it’s my turn to go to the PDG. This visit is probably over a year and a half overdue, but of course, I have been busy avoiding my PDG like the plague since I do not like being poked. (Side note: remember I told you that being an ENT really is an honorable profession – it’s just that I’m squeamish about these things. Also, I call my ENT the “PDG” but don’t let my cheeky nickname fool you – he’s well credentialed and highly recommended.) The purpose of this visit is to get scoped again. When I was at RIO (3rd Hospital) and when I first came home my ENT’s saw a little nodule on one of my cords and they both said it could’ve been there forever, or it surfaced after tubes were stuck down my throat before they put in a trach and a PEG (feeding tube), but it was okay – they weren’t going to intervene or anything. So I’m going to go to my PDG on Wednesday and see what happens – it would be great if my nodule has disappeared. I’ll keep you posted. Hey, Mommy, Ed is coming with us, okay? He will be on his best behavior xoxo.

“That girl is straight up cray cray.”

12 thoughts on “183. Flight Phase

  1. Hi Ning, Thanks for this update. Well done, You have come a long way with much courage and strength. The Joy of the Lord is your strength.
    Will uphold you in prayers for your ENT visit this Wednesday.
    Have a beautiful and blessed week.
    Loads of Love & Hugs,
    Aunty Peng Leaxx

  2. Awww… perfect photo, and I love how the littlest one isn’t exactly off the ground yet. 🙂

    Praying for you for Wednesday!!

  3. Thinking and sending positive thoughts your way for your upcoming doctor appt. What flavor of ice cream will be waiting for you when you get done? 🙂

    • Thank you!! I’m thinking cake batter… But I’m not too choosy when it comes to ice cream. I should tell Mommy we are going to have to go find some 🙂

  4. I’ve never heard of flight phase, but congratulations on having one again! Sadly, I don’t have one anymore … unless you count the moment between tripping and forehead planting. And I think a lengthier one of those is actually a bad thing since it’s directly related to height and the accompanying forehead welt size.

    And by the way, I think your Dad is just trying to get free work out of you. I’d negotiate a salary for that. That’s lump sum salary, not hourly-salary.

    • Actually, I’m totally in the hole when it comes to family fiscal matters. If I did try to negotiate with Mr. Dad I would likely end up paying HIM to let me take out the trash!

      • Hmm …… yeah. I guess that’s the downside to having a dad in that profession. You probably don’t win many negotiations.

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