The Week In Review – June 1, 2013

We didn't know about my AVM || Travel || Ann Ning Learning How

This is the last page from my passport.  I looked through it recently and marveled at all the stamps.  If my parents had known I had an AVM lurking in my brain they would not have let me out of our zip code – so I’m thankful I got to go lots of places before the bleed.

Now I just have to get better so I can get cool stamps in my passport post AVM.  I haven’t been back to Oregon yet, so I have to work on a long domestic flight, first.

To catch up from the past week:

Week in Review || Post AVM  Recovery 20130601 || Ann Ning Learning How

Monday:  The Soundtrack of Your Life  – “Do you like Angry Birds:  Star Wars?”

Tuesday:  Cauliflower Rice & Salsa Bake

Wednesday:  How Great…

Thursday:  Sweet Cream [Dairy Free, Sweetened with Dates]

Friday:  So Simple:  Cake Batter Ice Cream [by Chocolate Covered Katie]

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