182. So Simple: Cake Batter Ice Cream [from Chocolate Covered Katie]

So Simple:  Cake Batter Ice Cream from CCK || Ann Ning Learning How


I love Cake Batter flavored anything.  Sadly, so many of the recipes I see require you to add some cake mix powder from a box, and I’d rather not do that.  This combination of vanilla extract, a little almond essence and some coconut made me happy and able to resist the “real” Party Cake ice cream in the fridge.  This is basically frozen milk (mine’s unsweetened vanilla almond) pulverized in the Vitamix.  It’s not as creamy as full fat ice cream, and I ate it on a hot day so it looked a little melty, but overall, I really enjoyed it.  I didn’t have any coconut extract, so I just added a spoon or two of desiccated coconut.  I’m sure this boosted the overall calorie count, but my almond milk is 40 calories per cup so I figured there was room to spare, and it was delicious!  The hardest part about this is having the forethought to make the ice cream base and freeze it before hand.  I used an ice cube tray and it was easy peasy.  Making the base itself is a snap – it’s the remembering to do so a few hours before you want to eat it that’s difficult.  So here’s the recipe.  Go make it now.  Chocolate Covered Katie’s Cake Batter Ice Cream

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