180. “How Great…”

The entire family came to see us this past weekend.  Everyone is home already so I put some pictures together to console myself.  I also played a version of Chris Tomlin’s “How Great is Our God” – the ubiquitous praise song that was on my mind when I woke up.  (Side note:  “How Great is Our God” is owned by sixsteps/Sparrow Records.  It’s not mine – I just couldn’t get it out of my head when I woke up.)  I spent a week hotly anticipating the moment when I could  get near a piano.  Being unable to walk was not a huge mental leap for me since if I was not in bed I was in a wheelchair, but hearing myself play for the first time was truly devastating.  That’s why I was so sad when Mommy told me to stop avoiding the piano and practice more.  (She gave me a pink pig timer, “Fred,” to assist me in this regard.) So I played a version to go along with the pictures so you can see/hear the progress.  I also trimmed a clip of my hospital attempt of “How Great…” – it goes on for a long time since I doggedly pecked at the keyboard, expecting good things to happen, but they didn’t.  And since I can’t bear to watch me try for so long, I won’t make you do it, either.

PS.  If you’re a subscriber (thank you!) and you’re reading this via email you might have to click through to the main site to see the videos.  :).

14 thoughts on “180. “How Great…”

  1. Dearest Ning,

    We give Glory, Honour, Praise and Thank the Lord and for you for this very beautiful video clip today. The background piano piece is absolutely lovely too.
    Thank you Ning for brightening our day with this wonderful pictures.

    Loads of Love & hugs to you and all.
    Marcus & Jiyeon, Justin, Uncle Chai & Aunty Peng Leaxxxxxx

      • Hi Ning,
        Indeed..,it would be truly wonderful to meet you and your whole family one day..in God’s Will, Way and Time. Meanwhile, you are just a computer screen away from me!! . I enjoy reading all your blogs and everything about you.. You are always in my heart and mind. You are my daily inspiration.
        Lots of Love-Aunty PLxx

  2. So much I could say…
    Your piano playing is gorgeous. So proud of you, and of your Mom for encouraging you to practice again.
    Love seeing your kids all together, having fun, and Peter is a cutie!!
    AiAi’s purse (in the bubble-blowing shots) is really nice – bet you’re pleased, eh? 🙂

  3. Hello Ning! I love your video and listening to you play the piano. I’m so happy to see that you are walking so well. You look beautiful! I know you are enjoying the children, they look like they are such a joy. Ning I sure miss you and I’m still praying for you. I know that God loves you and is blessing you and your family. I hope we can talk soon. Take care.

  4. Your playing brought tears to my eyes, Ning. It’s beautiful! You have come a long way. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Lots of love, Amy xx

  5. Ok…this is my second day of coming to play this video a few times in succession! 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! So I have another “long term” request to go with the Choice Gleanings submission ;), I think recording a CD of Hymns/Spiritual Songs…Piano by Ning!!! 🙂 Ahhhh….I would wear it out! 🙂 haahaa I remember when I was a child, hearing Joni speak and at this event, they sold copies of her paintings. I bought one and treasured it for years. It was not only beautiful, but it was such a great reminder of God’s goodness in her and our lives!! Your piano playing..I could listen to it for hours, even if you hadn’t had the brain bleed, but knowing that your playing is so beautiful and that it has been a hurdle to get it back, is all the more inspiring and touching!!! So there you are….my latest “request”. heehee 🙂


    P.S. Keep up all the encouragement, inspiration and motivation to eat healthier!! 🙂 It's such a daily blessing to so many! 🙂

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