178. The Soundtrack of Your Life

AVM Recovery Hair in 2nd Hospital || Ann Ning Learning How

Mommy recently switched to a new phone and we chose a new ringtone for her.  I was extremely happy because one of my first memories post-AVM was Mom’s old ringtone.  Her cell phone would sound and it always made me anxious because she’d leave the room to take the call.  Even if it was just 5 minutes, it felt like an hour since I couldn’t bear for her to even move from one side of my bed to another – leaving the room entirely was devastating for me but I didn’t have the communication skills to ask her to stay.  Nor did I have the head control to shift my position so I could see Tanpo in his chair.

Dad's Sear AVM Recovery 2nd Hosp || Ann Ning Learning How

Mom and Dad got new phones when they came to Portland to stay with me.  Their old ones were both getting beat up and sad, I think their contract was up, and so they picked up a couple of mobiles near one of the hospitals (I think – I’m not sure bc I was asleep).  Dad’s is good thus far, but Mommy’s didn’t really hold a charge, so I took the opportunity to get her a phone like mine and it’s super easy for us to share photos and text each other.  (We’re working on the texting.  Photos get shared from the cloud automatically.)  Maybe Tanpo will like the looks of Mommy’s phone and I can convince him he needs a new device, too.  That’s my plan – we’ll see how it pans out.

Anyway, I was thinking how funny it is that we are essentially picking out the soundtrack of our lives when we choose a ringtone.  You can choose a tone specific to individual contacts, but I’ve never bothered with that – it’s one ring for everyone. Mine’s the default, and it’s mostly silent, but Mommy’s is peppier (just like her!).

Maybe your life has a laugh track or perhaps Beethoven’s 5th is looping in the background.  It’s also quite possible that your children have made the Angry Birds theme the audio constant at home.  Whatever it is, if it’s not what you want running through your head choose another song!  It’s your prerogative – make it a good one.

Psalm 118.14 The Lord is my strength and my song…


Picture of the Day:

Cousins discussing the intricacies of Angry Birds:  Star Wars

Cousins discussing the intricacies of Angry Birds: Star Wars




3 thoughts on “178. The Soundtrack of Your Life

  1. Isn’t it interesting how certain sounds (or smells, etc.) can trigger certain memories, for better or for worse? I’m glad your Mom has a new phone & ringtone, and I think it’s great that you’re working on texting each other. 🙂
    On a different note, what is in the bowl in front of your handsome nephews?

    • It’s seafood pho since CMD suggested I take it easy on beefy protein since my digestive system is still recovering from the cold. Although she can tell from looking at my tongue that it doesn’t work great when I’m “healthy,” either :).

      • Seafood pho sounds great… and the inter-connections of the body are amazing to me. Guess that’s why it makes a good metaphor in Ephesians / Colossians.

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