168. Matcha Green Tea Latte

Matcha Green Tea Latte || Ann Ning Learning How

This was my tea time snack.  Can you tell I took a huge bite out of the bread in the background?  That’s right – real bread (white whole wheat) and real butter.  Hog wild, people.  Hog wild.

I ❤ matcha.  I’ve liked the amped up green tea taste for a long time, but my subconscious has kept on coming back to it since I saw a couple of recipes at Angie and James Do Stuff (I love the name of the blog.)  Specifically, the Goji Berry Matcha Cake (hello, super foods!) caught my eye, and then the Matcha Mushipan sent me over the edge and had me researching non-flour steamed bread options for a few hours.  Answer:  using rice flour yields a much different product – I think there’s a specific name for it, but I can’t remember.  Lots of Asian cultures make steamed bread-cake, and one thing I read was like, The Chinese have been making this stuff for a long time.  And if there was a gluten-free option they would’ve figured it out already.  (Sigh – all my hopes and dreams were crushed.)

Seriously, if you didn’t look at either of the recipes above, at least click on the Matcha Mushipan.  She steamed them in adorable silicon liners shaped as stars and hearts.  SO cute.  I’m not into lifting pics, so I’m telling you to go look for yourself.  Shoot for the stars, people, and fire up that steamer!!  (Even if you aren’t Asian.)  The idea of steamed bread-cake is a part of the landscape of my youth.  If it isn’t part of yours, it should be.

And the matcha flavor?  Love it.  Perhaps you’ve had green tea ice cream at a Japanese restaurant, or a green tea latte at Starbucks, so you recognize the taste.  Green tea is good for you,  but matcha, a fine powder form of green tea, allows you to consume the whole leaf and reap the maximum benefits.  Here’s a quote: ” Like other types of green tea, matcha not only speeds up your metabolism, but is chockfull of antioxidants and other powerful superfood properties such as aiding stress reduction, lowering cholesterol, boosting brain health and fighting cancer.”  (DrOz.com)

Matcha is becoming my drink of choice so here’s a simple Matcha Latte for you.  The hard part about this is purchasing matcha.  I got mine from Amazon, but you can try shopping around at Asian markets, go to Ten Ren etc.

Matcha Green Tea Latte
serves 1

3/4-1 cup milk of choice

1/2 tsp matcha

sweetener (optional)

Dissolve the matcha at the bottom of your cup/mug with hot water.  Fill with your milk of choice.  Microwave for about 1.5 minutes – 2 minutes (depending on how strong your microwave is) – just watch it so it doesn’t boil over.  Stir vigorously.  I love vanilla almond or soy milk – if using an unsweetened milk alternative you might like some sweetener to taste, e.g. stevia, honey or agave.  If using regular soy or almond, I doubt you’d need the sweetener.  Not sure about regular milk bc I don’t drink regular milk.  But really, it’s up to you.  Remember, green tea and matcha are NOT caffeine-free, so if you are avoiding caffeine, don’t drink this.  If you’re okay with caffeine, definitely drink this.

Inspirational Therapy Pic - Ed works on Core Strength || Ann Ning Learning How

PS.  Happy Friday!  Here is another inspirational “therapy” picture for you:  Buzz spotted Ed while he was doing his core strengthening exercises.

5 thoughts on “168. Matcha Green Tea Latte

  1. I believe you can get matcha at Teavana in the malls. If you have them in MD 🙂 Our friend Mark Taylor ( on the chapel prayer list) drinks it every day in his fight with cancer. That’s how I know about it. He keeps us up to speed on all things healthy 🙂

  2. The uses of green tea make it a popular drink in the west although it has been available and used for centuries in Asian cultures. public should incorporate green tea into their day routine as the green tea matcha mentioned. the benefits are numerous. speeding up metabolism and aiding in weight loss has grabbed much attention for late!

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